Way Too Cool 50K
Cool, CA
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  1. Bob
    Bob Pollmann  - December 12, 7:28 AM
    Woooo hoooo, got in!
    1. Daniel Connelly  - December 12, 7:01 PM
      Did you get an email, see an online list, or did UltraSignup just take your money?
  2. Mervat
    Mervat Tawfik  - November 18, 4:30 PM
    Hi I’m trail running my age 60 years old and this race on my bucket list for some time and I? did a lots of 50 k & 50 miles once and I? ran Marathon and half too and I? really hope to get it to this race thank you
    1. Mervat Tawfik  - November 18, 5:03 PM
      I? love trail races and I’m 60 years old this race on my bucket list after I? did lots of 50 I& once 50 miles in high Sierra plus Marathons and half Marathon and I? hope to get to do this beautiful race
    2. Cheri Alvarez  - November 19, 1:17 PM
      Hi Mervat, the lottery for Way Too Cool will open up on December 1st!! It's a great event!!