McCall Trailrunning Classic 40 Miler, 20 Miler, 10 Miler
McCall, ID
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  1. Nicholas
    Nicholas Pace  - June 29, 10:28 PM
    Running the McCall classic from Western WA but don't want to pay for a hotel? Got a car? Let's talk.
    Ride needed to Olympia, WA or surrounding from McCall, ID by the 13th and back the 16th by 5:00 P.M., so I can be back for work.
    I am willing to meet in Tacoma, Seattle, or somewhere within 100 miles of Olympia which I can bus or bike to for pick-up.
    I am doing the McCall Classic (20 mile).
    Will pitch in for gas and I have a free guest room at my parent's place. Loveliest folks you'll meet plus a friendly dog, great meals, and my dad is also volunteering at the aid station, FYI.
    Message me and I will give contact details.
    - Nick