Big Basin - Skyline to the Sea 50K, Marathon
Los Gatos, CA
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  1. Deby
    Deby Amrhein  - June 30, 11:25 AM
    There is another Skyline to Sea in Oct.
  2. Deby
    Deby Amrhein  - June 27, 3:47 PM
    Does anyone know the chances of Wait list entries making the race? I don't want to wait till it's too late to get in another race that weekend if there a good chance I wont get in Skyline to Sea.
    1. Ooi Leng Lum  - June 28, 11:36 AM

      The race was on June 3.
    2. Deby Amrhein  - June 30, 11:22 AM
      There's another one in Oct
    3. Deby Amrhein  - June 30, 11:23 AM
      There's another one in October.
    4. Deby Amrhein  - June 30, 11:23 AM
      I know. There's another one in October.
    5. Deby Amrhein  - June 30, 11:24 AM
      I know. There's another one in October.
  3. Ram
    Ram Vemuri  - June 2, 12:36 PM
    Hi, I’m curious about the shade situation on this course. Would appreciate info on this. Thanks.
  4. Vanessa
    Vanessa Bowker  - May 21, 4:46 AM
    Ride to Start Line

    Is anyone coming in from Union Square in SF?
    1. Ram Vemuri  - May 22, 5:19 PM
      Btw, as a last resort you can take bart to union city and ride with me, adds 45 mins to your trip compared to driving down directly.
    2. Ooi Leng Lum  - May 23, 3:52 PM
      Vanessa, if you find a ride to the start, would you have a ride home after?
    3. Emmanuel Diaz G  - May 24, 9:40 AM
      Hi, Vanessa. I'm traveling from Union Square in SF we can share an uber/cab both ways
  5. Rob
    Rob McAuliffe  - May 23, 11:33 AM
    Does anyone know when/where the shuttle leaves from?
    1. Ooi Leng Lum  - May 23, 3:55 PM
      Rob, here's the google map link to the shuttle, start and finish (from website):<br /><br />Shuttle Location: 1.8 miles South of RdO entrance gate. There is no address, it is a huge pull out by the side of the hwy.