The Nutcracker 12/6/3 hour Endurance Run 12hrs, 6hrs, 3hrs
Erwin, NC
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The Nutcracker 12/6/3 hour Endurance Run (NC)
Dec 14, 2019
12hrs, 6hrs, 3hrs
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  1. James
    James Murphy  - December 10, 8:11 AM
    This is the best race ever! I want to say thank you to Russell and his entire volunteer crew for such an amazing day. The race is amazing. Love the trail (easy on the knees), every 1/10th of a mile there is a marker so it is easy in the later stages of the race for run/walk and the course is fairly flat. Logistically, the food at the aid stations was amazing and so much variety, port johns were fantastic, parking lot was right at the turnaround so it was about 5 feet off of the course, and the chicken quesadillas at the end were the best. For such a low price it was a pleasure to donate since the cost was so low for such a great race. All around...simply the best. Thank you! I will be back next year! JMM