Saturday, Feb 18, 2023 @ 8:00 AM

Fisher Farm 50k

21215 Shearer Road

Davidson, NC 50K, 20 Miler, 10 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 18, 2023

The Race

The second annual Fisher Farm 50k. Fisher Farm and its companion parks at Allison Farm and Abersham are a hidden gem in north Mecklenberg County. There are about 9 miles of runnable trails and 4 miles of paved greenway, and we've created a challenging 10+ mile loop perfect for a suburban 50k in 3 loops! Or just run 1 or 2 loops for a nice, late-winter trail race.

The trails are tricky, with lots of twists, turns, roots, and rocks to keep you on your toes. But if you keep a steady pace you can run the whole thing. Best of all, the race is FREE!

The only hitch is that to participate for free, you have to go for a run with one of the race directors, Dave or Morgan, to get an entry ticket. Otherwise it's 200 bucks. Still well worth it, but you'll be paying for everyone else's aid station treats and course markings! If you're from out of town, you still have a shot at a free entry -- just email Dave and let him know why you are worthy of a free entry.

The Challenge

It wouldn't be a DART race without a challenge. We think this is a tough course, so we want to reward participants who crush it. If the top male finisher in the 50k breaks the course record, they get a special prize. Top female under 5 hours also wins the prize. We think this is tough enough that no one might get it. If that's the case, we'll just add an EXTRA prize the next year until someone beats the challenge time, and that time will now be the NEW challenge time for future races! Currently the women are up for DOUBLE prizes!

Garmin Course

Click below for the Garmin Course for one loop. The 10-miler is one loop; the 20-miler is two loops; the 50k is three loops.

Event's current local time: 5:16 PM ET


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