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We will have the race start near Pine (passage 27) and travel to Grand view (passage 36) and on into Tusayan for the finish - 220 miles! There is 27,786ft of climb and 26,486ft of descent!!

More details to come once all of the aid station locations have been nailed down!

There will be a requirement of having completed atleast 1 100 mile race prior to running in this event and this will be a remote point to point run that will be tough but rewarding --- and it is the gateway race (the 1st race) of the Grand Slam 200!!! The other 3 races will be the Colorado 200, Bigfoot 200 and the Tahoe 200! Be a part of history!!

In addition we will hold a 120 miler that will run on the final 120 miles of the 220 mile race. You will be given 48 hrs to finish this monster (starting at 12pm on Friday the 12th)! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Both races will finish at the IMAX Theater in Tusayan at 12pm on Sunday.


There will be an overall cutoff of 102hrs for the race for the AZ200 (48hrs for the 120 miler). This is an average pace of approximately 27 1/2 minutes per mile for the AZ200 and 25 minutes per mile for the 120 miler. In addition there will a few hard cutoffs along the way once the aid station locations have been nailed down - at no time will the cutoffs drop below a 25 minute per mile rate.


Pacer will be allowed near the 100 mile mark for the AZ200 - however no pacers will be allowed in the 120 mile race.

No pets allowed

Solemates does not allow pets of any kind in any of the runner/crew access areas - including but not limited to on the course, at the start and finish, at any aid station. This includes for the runners, their crew, their family and/or friends. Thank you.


Food items will be added at a later time, however we will always have regular, vegetarian and vegan food options available at the aid stations

shuttle back to the start

we will provide a shuttle back to the start from the finish line at 2pm on June 14th. This will be the only time that the shuttle will run and the cost will be $35 per ticket.

All runners finishing prior to the end of the race and not wanting to stick around for the award banquet and bbq will need to assure their own ride back to the start if their vehicle is left there.


Please check back for the addition of a link that will access the available aid station and other volunteer opportunities. Thank you!


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