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Description of the event

The Yazzie Ultra is a semi-self supported half marathon, 50k and 50 mile “trail” race behind the scenes, deep within Monument Valley.
Participants will run on dirt roads, horse trails, dry river beds and completely off the beaten path over sandy conditions and up sand dunes for a view like none other.

The main Aid Station will be located at the START/FINISH area and it is also the place where runners will be fed while out in Monument Valley. There will be 2 water/NUUN stops ONLY out on the course

Participants can either choose a 1 Day Pass or a 3 day pass (which includes camping Friday/Saturday night, leaving Sunday). The 1 Day Pass is just like any other race entry…pay and show up for the race hang around after and then go home or back to your hotel.

If you choose the 3 Day PassYou will camp on the Yazzie land within Monument Valley. This is really, in my opinion, the best way to experience all that Monument Valley has to offer. Participants will provide their own tent. You will be assigned a "campsite". You must bring your own sleeping pad, sleeping bag and pillows. Please do not wander around the property. There ARE wild animals in Monument Valley!

The Yazzie Ultra will award 1st Place through 5th Place for both male and female participants for each of the 3 distances, at the conclusion of the event.

As mentioned above, this is an event with minimal support while out on the course. The event will have one water stop along the route however there is minimal food at the aid station. You are required to carry any food you wish to consume while completing the required loops.


Must register by October, 15, 2016 to be guaranteed an event shirt
Cancellation and Refund Policy: This event will happen rain or shine and I do not issue refunds.

Purpose of the event

Purpose of the Event:
This event is a FUNDRAISER for Effie and Kee Yazzie the owners of the property that we will utilize for this event. Additionally, I am trying to work with Arizona State University to develop a plan to provide solar power to residents that live within Monument Valley. Additionally,I am trying to provide a sanitary latrine for Effie and Kee Yazzie. Please feel free to visit the Crowdrise page for additional information on how you can help change lives!

Additional Information

Additional Information:


Meet and greet at Goulding’s Lodge Restaurant from 6-8PM. Also included is a pre-race meeting discussing the course.
4PM: All 3 Day Pass Participants Drive out to the Yazzie Property/START/FINISH area. Set up camp and check in at Effie’s Hogan. Packet pickup between 4-6PM.
6PM Fireside chat with the guest speaker. Effie will perform a Navajo Smudging ceremony on all participants
6AM Rise and Shine! Day Pass Runners should arrive at the start of the race at this time as well
7AM Start of The Yazzie (13.1/50k/50 mile run)
7PM Authentic Navajo dinner
9PM All events are complete
8AM Sweat lodge ceremony (If interested) prior to departing Monument Valley

Time Cutoffs:
13.1/50k/50 Mile: 14 Hours

Lodging and Camping:

The official lodging for The Yazzie Ultra is nearest option for lodging is Goulding's Lodge. It is just 4 miles west from the park entrance, tucked up against the cliffs. Goulding’s Lodge sells out quick so book early. Goulding's Campground offers hot showers, wifi, and a pool for $23/night.

The View hotel is the next best option. The hotel overlooks Monument Valley and the views are unbelievable. Rooms and cabins book fast, so make your reservations early.

Participant’s that have family members present can purchase additional meal tickets for their family when they register for the event at a price of $7.50 per meal.

Restrooms will be available on-site.

What the 3 Day Pass Entry Fee includes:

Tent site/Campsite for the evening(s) of:

Friday, November 4, 2016 and Saturday, November 5, 2016 (space for 1 tent no larger than a 6 to 8 person tent)
Food & Beverage for 3 Day Pass Holders:
Friday, dinner
Saturday, breakfast and dinner
Sunday, breakfast and lunch
Water and NUUN for the duration of your stay in Monument Valley and during the race

Ground Transportation:

Participants are able to drive their own personal/rental vehicle to the Yazzies property within Monument Valley.

Race Amenities

Storage of all luggage during the race
Finisher's award for participants that complete The Yazzie Ultra
Shirt and Finisher's Certificate in addition to the traditional Eagle Endurance, LLC Finishers Coin

All entry fees are non-transferrable and may not be deferred to any future events.


We are happy to offer the following discounts: * No discount can be combined with any other discount. Seniors: All persons over the age of 65 will receive a discount of 10% . Military/Veterans: All current serving and ex-military personnel will receive a discount of 15%. Please provide a copy of your military ID.

Event Rules


The Yazzie Ultra is organized by Eagle Endurance, LLC (the "Organizers") and takes place at the beginning of November each year.


This event comprises 3, semi-self-supported foot races held within the boundaries of Monument Valley Tribal Park, located within the state of Arizona. The Yazzie Ultra is three separate events all held on the same day. Each event, 13.1 miles, 50k and 50 miles will operate on the same course completing multiple loops. The races are open to runners and walkers. Participants should carry their own backpack/ultra type vest containing food they wish to consume on course and other mandatory equipment specified by the Organizers.


Participants enter into this event knowing that there is absolutely no form of a refund that will be issued under any circumstance.

All entry fees are non-transferrable and may not be deferred to any future events.

The Organizers reserve the right to cancel or modify the Event due to circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, terrorist activity, fire, epidemics, riots, war or similar such circumstances and acts of God which would render all or part of the course unsafe. In such an event, the Organizers will not be liable to refund the entry fee. The Organizers further represent that in such extenuating circumstances, they will use their best endeavors to either:

1. Continue to hold the Event but in a modified form
2. Change the dates of the Event.


Average November low temperature: 32 degrees Fahrenheit
Average November high temperature: 51 degrees Fahrenheit


We reserve the right to make alterations to the Event from that described in this website and / or any materials provided to participants. If we change the dates of the Event, we will have no obligation to reimburse participants the entry fee for the Event provided that we reschedule the Event to commence on another date within 12 months from the date on which the Event was originally scheduled to commence, and provided that we give participants reasonable notice of the new dates for the Event (which will in any case not be less than 3 months).

Mandatory Equipment/Water

Mandatory Equipment and Water:

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT (To be provided by the Participant)

Backpack/Hydration Pack/Ultra Vest
Sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees Celsius (32F) or warmer.
Sleeping pad
Light jacket/Winter Jacket
Emergency blanket
Two head lamps with spare batteries, (this must be illuminated and worn at/by dusk if running the 50 mile event)
Red flashing light (to be affixed to Backpack/Hydration Pack/Ultra Vest by dusk if running the 50 mile event)
Personal food should be with you (at your campsite) so you can take additional food with you to consume while out on course to supplement Aid Station Food (you know what you like to eat during an ultra!)
Participants must supply their own containers for receiving water. Each participant should have 2 containers with the capacity to hold a total of at least 32 ounces of water.
Blister kit - (alcohol wipes, hypodermic needle, and paper tape) Because I am not popping your blisters!

To be provided by the Race Organizers:

Electrolyte replacement tablets (NUUN)
Water (Fresh water is being provided at each checkpoint and campsite in containers from which each participant can fill up their own water bottles).
1 fully stocked Aid Station with typical ultra type food will be located at the START/FINISH Area.

Checkpoint, Timing and DNF Rules


Each participant is required to be checked in an out of the checkpoint that is along the course. Each participant will receive additional water at the checkpoint along the course and at the campsite. See details above under Water.


The timing and ranking results will be provided at the end of the event for all participants to see. Eagle Endurance, LLC will keep the official time clock for the competition. The race clock is on an android based tablet. It begins when the race starts and records the runner’s time as they complete each loop of the course. They will get a final time when they finish the required loops. The winning individual will be that individual who has the lowest time.

For The Yazzie Ultra, there is a 14 hour time limit for all distances. Individuals that do not complete their assigned distance (the distance that you registered for) will not be eligible for a finisher's award. Additional cut-offs may be added during the race at the sole discretion of the Event Director for any unforeseen conditions.


If a participant drops out of the race, he/she must notify one of the course officials as soon as possible. Under no circumstances (and at the risk of having to pay the search costs involved) may any participant leave the race without first informing the organizers.

In the event of a serious medical condition which prevents the participant from continuing, the organizers will arrange to have you transported to the nearest medical facility and/or hospital.

All those who DNF but remain on course either as unofficial racers or volunteers should be prepared to consume their own food and water.

Environmental Rules

Leave No Trace

The Yazzie Ultra, takes place in one of the most sacred and beautiful regions of the country. It is the responsibility of all participants that they do not litter at any point whether on the course, checkpoints or campsites. Ample waste bins will be provided at checkpoints and campsites. Each participant will be required to mark his/her race number on each water or food container and any other carried supply. The marking of such items is subject to being checked at registration. In the event that any such item (including food wrappers, bottles, bottle caps, etc) belonging to a participant is thrown away and litters the course, the participant will be disqualified from the Event.

Tread Lightly

All participants must treat the environment with care. Please do not destroy any plant foliage or kill any wildlife. Such behavior will be subject to severe penalties and ultimately disqualification. Do not light any fires along the course. At all times, participants are required to maintain to the course route, which will be clearly marked.
Wandering off course and disrespecting either the land or our hosts, will result in being banned from any and all Eagle Endurance, LLC events.


All participants must adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanlike conduct. This includes respect for the Rules of the Event, other participants, staff, volunteers and Organizers. You must behave in a respectful manner towards locals. Safety during the Event is of the utmost importance and any negative behavior by participants will not be tolerated and will be subject to disqualification. At all times, you must abide by the directions and decisions of the Organizers. It also expected that you come to the aid of distressed fellow participants.

Image Rights and Electronic Technology


By participating in the Event, each participant consents to their image being filmed and photographed by the organization for use in any film, video, television program or online production on an exclusive basis. Furthermore, each participant consents to the use of their name, image, appearances, interviews, photographs, filming or such similar recordings for the purpose of publicity, advertising and promotion of the Event and any such exploitation of the commercial rights relating to the Event by Eagle Endurance, LLC.


Participants may use MP3 players and iPods however no facilities will be provided by the organizers to enable these devices to be recharged. We recommend that participants use cameras and MP3 players powered by regular long life batteries, which can be replaced by spares taken with them. “Smart” phones may be used as cameras and for listening to music if you like. Additionally, there is spottycell service out on the course so you can also use the phone to call the race Director should you find yourself lost or in a bad situation.


Participants may use a GPS location device (such as Spot, Garmin or similar) while on the course.


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