Saturday, Jul 15, 2017

Swiss Alps 100

Dorfstrasse 13, 3999 Obergoms, Switzerland

Oberwald, Switzerland 50 Miler, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 15, 2017

50 Mile / Half Marathon Race Course

Come experience one of the most scenic 50 miler or Half Marathon in Europe

The Swiss Alps 100 race course is an incredible beautiful race course which allows runners to run inside the valley and also on top of the alps. It's a challenging but very doable course which is almost all run on non-technical trails and fire roads.

Starting In Oberwald at about 4,600' it's a very gradual downhill run on non-technical fire-roads and single trails for 19.5 miles. The next 6 miles is a 4,400' uphill on fire-roads with 14 switch-backs. Once on top the climbing continues to 8'400' which is the highest point of the race and some snow patches might be still there. The remaining 23.5 miles runners run along the Swiss Alps with amazing views down to the valleys, to snowy mountain tops and ice glaciers. Soon runners approach the small idyllic village Simplon-Dorf which will be the finish line.

With a total elevation gain of 9,450 feet and a total elevation change of 18,700 feet we give the runners a generous cutoff time of 16 hours. The highest point of the race is 8,400 feet and the lowest is 3,600 feet.

The SA 100 course covers 10 municipalities all inside the canton of Valais which is the heart of the Swiss Alps: Obergoms, Münster-Geschinen, Reckingen-Gluringen, Grafschaft, Blitzingen, Niederwald, Ernen, Grengiols, Termen, Ried-Brig, and Simplon.

Runners should be totally familiar with the race course. Pay very close attention to applicable course markings and review the overall course map so as to have the big picture of the course.

Local time: 9:23 PM


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