Thursday, May 25, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Bloody and Bitter 216 Mile Run

4020 Rutledge Pike

Knoxville, TN 216 Miler, 111 Miler, 105 Miler

This Event Took Place Thu. May 25, 2017

Cancelled Event


Come join an unofficial Insane Multi-Day run across Northeast Tennessee.The run will start on Thursday May 25th at 7AM at the Shoney's (4020 Rutledge Pike) in Knoxville (Option to eat breakfast at 6AM) and follow the Bloody 11W route, which is 111 miles. Once to Bristol, TN, the runners will then follow the Bitter End course for 105 miles to the Jonesborough Courthouse. The total run will be 216 miles. You will have 108 hours (must finish by Monday, May 29th at 7PM) to finish the 216 miles to be considered a finisher. You can run with a crew to help you or you can run without a crew (screwed). You also have the option to just do the Bloody 11W 111 miles or the Bitter End 105 miles. Laz has given me permission to use both the Bloody 11W and Bitter End courses for this run. There is no charge for this event. Official course rules will be emailed to each participant closer to race date.


If you are planning to run the complete Bloody and Bitter course, the start time will be 7AM on Thursday May 25th. You will have 108 hours to complete the entire 216 miles, ending at 7PM on Monday May 29th in Jonesborough, TN.
If you are choosing only the Bloody Course (register for 111 miles), you will start on Thursday, May 25th at 7AM in Knoxville at the Shoney's Restaurant. You will have 48 hours to finish 111 miles to make it to the finish in Bristol, TN to be a finisher. You must be at the Big Guitar (intersection of West State Street and Volunteer Parkway) by 6:59:59 AM on Saturday, May 27th.
If you are choosing to do the Bitter Course (register for the 105 miles), you will start on Saturday, May 27th at 7AM at the Big Guitar (the intersection of West State Street and Volunteer Parkway). You will have 60 hours to finish 105 miles to make it to the finish in Jonesborough,TN. You must reach the Jonesborough Courthouse by 6:59:59 PM on Monday, May 29th to be a finisher.
You must be in communication with the Race Director while out on the course. A text must be sent at 7AM and 7PM each day you are on the course to give your location. You are responsible for sending your finish time to the Race Director for a finish time.

If you deviate from the set course, you will be disqualified from the run. Part of this challenge is to endure all the adventure, but if you are fatigued or fear for your life, then take a break and continue when you feel safe.

Crewed vs. Screwed

It is highly recommended that you are crewed for this run. I will not be able to provide any organized shuttling to the start or the finish for screwed runners. If you do want to run screwed, I will try to work with you on shuttling, but be aware that this is not an absolute. The logistics are difficult and since this is not an official race, I dont have the means to hire buses.
Crewed runners can have a support person(s) driving along with them to provide aid, directions and safety on the course. Having help on this course will help ensure your safety and assistance when you need it. I will need the contact information for your crew members before you begin.
Screwed runners will have to be self-reliant throughout the course by providing their own food, shelter and safety. Please contact me if you are going to be a screwed runner, so I can try to assist you in transportation to the start or finish lines, but be aware that you will most likely have to do that on your own. I will also need emergency contact number for all runners of the Bloody and Bitter.

Getting Started on the Bloody Course

Both 216 milers and the 111 milers will start here for the Bloody course.
We will meet at the Shoney's on Rutledge Pike at 6AM on Thursday May 26th with the option to eat breakfast. Otherwise, plan to meet at the start of the Bloody 11W course, which is a parking lot at the corner of Prosser and Magnolia, at 7AM. Please refer to the turn-by-turn directions for this section, which is located in Google Drive.
Here is a mile by mile course decription of food stops, hotels and the courthouses.

You will finish the Bloody Course when you reach the Big Guitar, which is located at the corner of West State Street and Volunteer Parkway. You must reach the Big Guitar by 6:59:59AM to be considered a finisher.

Getting Started on the Bitter Course

The 216 mile runners will continue on the Bitter course by way of the Big Guitar. For those runners just doing the Bitter Course (you will register for the 105 miler) will start at the Big Guitar, located at the corner of West State Street and Volunteer Parkway (11-E) at 7AM. You will have 60 hours to complete the 105 mile course of the Bitter section.
Here is the link to the turn by turn directions for the Bitter Course.
In order to be a finisher for the Bitter section, you will need to be at the Jonesborough, TN courthouse by 7PM on Monday, May 29th.

Local time: 11:48 AM