November 2 - 25, 2018
This Event Took Place Sun. Nov 25, 2018


The Buffalo Chips Running Club is the Sacramento area’s largest, oldest, and most friendly running club. Although some speedy Chips belong, the majority of our members are beginning runners, recreational joggers, and middle- to back-of-the-pack fun run participants. We have a walkers group of Buffalo Chips, too, and a very active youth program, the Chip Youths. Join us for safe, friendly, advice-filled runs, jogs, or walks at one of our many workout locations. You need not be a member to participate, but once you give it a try, you won’t be able to resist joining to take advantage of all the great perks available to card-carrying Buffalo Chips including:

  1. Everyone is welcome! Walkers, joggers, runners-from those just starting to serious competitors at all distances.

  2. There is a variety of workouts in a variety of locations.

  3. We have a fantastic Youth Chips Program.

  4. You get really cool stuff in the mail. The Buffalo Enquirer, our club’s newsletter, keeps you in touch with club activities, running events, and race results. You also receive the club roster (The Buffalo Bible ), roster updates, and Club Running, the national quarterly publication of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).

  5. We run to eat! It’s easier to say “yes” to running than “no” to food! Many of the Herd gather after training runs to graze at nearby watering holes.

  6. The Chips have non-running social activities, too! The highlight of the year is THE BUFFALO BASH in early December. This is our end-of the-year party with awards, dinner, and entertainment.

  7. We have gear! Good quality club-logo clothing and paraphernalia is available at very reasonable prices: tech shirts, warm-ups, t-shirts, singlets, car window decals, license plate frames and more!

  8. Meet other people enjoying a healthy life-style. The Herd is home to people of all ages, from all walks of life, and of all levels of fitness. Advice, good humor, and camaraderie abound!

  9. Get discounts for Chips races! The Chips host several races throughout the year and give premium prices to club members.

  10. Your Chips membership includes you as a member in the Road Runners Club of America, a national umbrella organization of running clubs. It promotes grass-roots running activities and programs such as youth running, running safety, and women’s running.

  11. Travel with Chips on Trips. Official and unofficial trips help the Herd to migrate to out-of-town (and out of state and out of country) events by van, bus and by plane, often with reduced rates for transportation and rooms.

Local time: 11:54 AM

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