Sunday, Jul 7, 2019 @ 7:30 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Jul 7, 2019


The TARC Blue Hills Skyline Trail Run is an old-school, no frills, rugged 12 KM "ish" race with 550 M elevation. The course is on the Blue Hills Reservation North & South Skyline Trail and Bugbee Path. Terrain is rocky and steep with staircase climbs and tumbling rock downhills. Runners can expect a challenging and satisfying jaunt along classic New England trails. Bonus: stunning views of the Boston skyline!

WARNING: COURSE MARKINGS AND ON-COURSE SUPPORT ARE MINIMAL- THIS RACE IS NOT FOR THE DIRECTIONALLY-CHALLENGED OR FAINT OF HEART. Markings will follow skyline blazes with a few signs at critical points. Course maps will be available at the start line - we advise carrying one along.

Hydration pack, handheld bottle or personal chalice are required. There are 2 water stops on course and water/light refreshments at the finish.

This is a cupless race and we rely on recycling and composting to generate minimal waste. As friends of the woods, we aim to tread lightly and leave no trace behind.

Our sophisticated timing system involves a stop watch. Please feel free to rely on your Garmin, sundial, or other timing device.

Sorry, no refunds, no transfers.

Please note - much as we love kids and furry friends, the technical trails are not especially conducive to them. We love seeing them at the start/finish, though!

Prizes (baked goods!) for 1st F, 1st M, 1st MF, 1st MM. Reg limited to 100 runners. 7:30 am start.

This race is part of the Grand Tree Trail Race Series. Proceeds benefit Friends of the Blue Hills.

Local time: 5:07 AM


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