Friday, Jun 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

OUTRUN Backyard Ultra

Millarville RaceTrack

Millarville, AB Last Runner Standing

This Event Took Place Fri. Jun 21, 2019

Camping Resgistration


Hey Backyardigans,
With only 2.5 weeks remaining before Laz lights his cigarette to send you all on your way for Backyard fun we would like to update you on some new information about the Outrun Backyard Ultra. Our race start is 10am on Friday, June 21 in the area labelled zone 1 on the fancy staging map I’ve drawn up. Race package pick up is only available at the race start from 8:30 to 9:30am race morning. Camping in tents or single axle vehicles such as camper vans are permitted in the Creekside Campground and will begin at 4pm on Thursday June 20th. Please park or set up closely with your neighbor as space may be limited. Camping is only permitted in areas marked zone 6. If you set up a tent or park in the campground please pay $30 per night and this can be made when picking up your race package. We are using the honor system. Any trailers or RV’s please contact the MRAS office at 403-931-3411. Please advise family, crew, and friends to please set up in the areas labelled zone 4 on the map. Zone 2 is the cheap seats, this is the special area that all runners can set up only one lawn chair and have one cooler (strictly enforced) to sit down and catch your breath between laps (that’s if you have time). Your crew can come to you but I stress this area is for runners chairs and coolers only and no crew can set up stations in this area. We ask crews set up in zone 4 areas and bring items to the zone 2 area for use.
The Creekside Campground road will be part of the running course so please ask all crew and spectators to keep the road clear or look both ways before crossing. The road will officially close to vehicle traffic at 9:30am a half an hour before the race start. If you need to drop off something extremely heavy by driving it in please do so before 9:30am otherwise lets decrease the volume of traffic and park just outside of the Creekside Campground entrance and walk it in. Our parking volunteers will arrive at 6am Friday morning. Please obey their instructions and park tightly as the parking lot will get extremely full the Saturday during the hours of the Millarvile farmers market.
Bring cash as we will have 2 or 3 food trucks cooking up delicious meals. Also, don’t forget to bring lots of bugspray as this is a buggy area neighboring Three Pointe Creek.
I hope you all are fit as a fiddle, rested up and ready for the race of your lives.

Dave Proctor, RD
Tony Gordon, RD
Kara Leinweber, RD


Local time: 6:05 PM


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