Sunday, Mar 10, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Dipsea Training 2019

Mill Valley, CA Training Program

This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 10, 2019

2019 Dipsea Training by Pinnacle Running

Dipsea season is near! Time to prepare. Join the Pinnacle Running Dipsea Training Team and get ready for great race.

13-week Dipsea Training plan Crafted by Expert Coaches

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What is the Dipsea?

The Dipsea is a historic Marin trail race dating back to 1905. The race spans approximately 7 miles of steep terrain and single track trail beginning in downtown Mill Valley and finishing in Stinson Beach. Though there are a limited number of entries, and all runners may not be accepted, all are welcome to participate in the training runs. If you are local your odds of getting in are pretty good, but for those that are not accepted, we have a great variety of alternative races around similar dates.

Find out more about the historic Dipsea Race at

When are the group runs?

Group Training Runs
Sunday Mornings
March 10th - June 9th

Where are the group runs?

Group Training Runs begin Sunday, March 10th at 8 am at Ross Common. Training runs will continue each Sunday at a different Marin trailhead until the Dipsea race on June 11th. Training will include a combination of long training runs and two trail races sponsored by Marin's Tamalpa Runners Club.

Visit the event website to view our tentative schedule.

Who is this training for?

2019 Dipsea Training runs is intended for runners ages 14-Adult.

All ability levels are welcome so long as you are able make it off each trail still smiling. Coaches will provide training paths for beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Runners

For athletes 8-14 visit

About the Coach

Levi is the long-haired, newly-bearded hippie ultrarunner, you may have seen handing out high fives on the trails all over Marin. Levi is the genius/madman behind Pinnacle Running, where he is committed to helping athletes like you run further, run faster, and get higher. (We are talking about elevation here. If you where thinking something else, you must have a different hippie in mind.)

Having run more trails, hiked more passes, and climbed more mountains than you can shake a stick at, Levi’s primary focus these days is to helping runners, such as yourself, overcome mental and physical barriers, take the guesswork out of training, and achieve amazing things by implementing a proven system that has produced results for hundreds of runners.

Levi loves all things Dipsea and is excited to be leading this amazing group of runners this year.


Does this include entry into the Dipsea?

No, you will need to apply for Dipsea entry separately.

What if I don't get into the Dipsea?

All is not lost. Athletes are encouraged to continue training with the group, but set your sights on similar races in the same time frame.

Any tips on getting into the Dipsea?

Apply exactly as the directions lay out on the website.

Can I run with my kids in the kids group

No, the youth group is for youth only.

Local time: 1:35 AM
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