Friday, Sep 6, 2019

Backyard Blister

The Branch, NSW, Australia

, Australia 72hrs, 12hrs

This Event Took Place Fri. Sep 6, 2019

Event Summary

Complete one 6.7km lap within an hour, restart again on the hour….continue…until only one person is left to complete a lap.

Starting at 11am Friday 6 September

Runners will start a 6.71 km (4.17 mile) on the hour, every hour

Runners must finish each lap within 1 hour

The next lap starts on the hour every hour after that

This continues until only one runner can complete the lap within the 1 hour time limit

Runners are called into the starting corral at 2 minutes to the hour

Any runner not in the starting corral for any lap is not eligible to continue and is recorded as DNF (did not finish)

Any runner who fails to finish a lap is recorded as DNF (did not finish)


Property name "The Blister"

Starts on a river flat named "Hells Gate"

Trail crosses the 69 acre property

Sounds perfect doesn't it, Do you have what it takes.

We have been given the rule book and the go ahead.

This event is held on private property, near Stroud. Exact Property address and location will be given out to those who have entered to be shared with crew.

12hr Ultra

Starts on 7th Saturday at 7am
Same rules apply as the classic Backyard Ultra

Local time: 7:41 PM


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