Saturday, Aug 29, 2020 @ 6:30 AM

Corner Canyon Marathon & Relay

Wheadon Farm Park

Draper, UT Marathon, Marathon 4 Person Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 29, 2020

Cancelled Event



7/7 - It looks like the Corner Canyon Marathon & Relay has to be cancelled. I know a lot of you were looking forward to this and have put in a lot of time and effort. We are truly sorry we couldn’t deliver and will do our best to take care of you.

We have tried everything to get Draper City to let us keep this race. Our proposal followed all state and health department covid 19 guidelines, including limiting entrants but we were still told no. Part of this decision is the pressure they are getting from Salt Lake County. Needless to say we are pretty upset about this considering races in other parts of the state have been allowed to responsibly take place.

We hope Draper City will realize the impact these events have on the community and runners and allow us to resume next year when this virus has been figured out and or we have a vaccine.

Options for runners can be found below. We want to do our best at taking care of everyone who supports us in these awesome races!

#1. Receive a refund for your registration. We will mail you a check so if your address on Ultrasignup is not correct please let us know. If you are on the waitlist we will simply remove you and your card will not be charged. Not a lot of races are offering a refund like this because the truth is we and all race organizers are losing quite a bit of money on these events being cancelled. We hope this will help create loyal customers who know we put runners first and our biggest concern is offering a quality race and experience. Word of mouth is the best way we will grow so share us with your friends and family!

#2. Credit for any race this year or next. Currently things are looking good for the Jordan River Half Marathon on September 26th (road race) and the Dimple Dell Half Marathon on October 10th (trail race). We will send a code that can be used to register for any race free of fees or cost. Please note that future races may still be cancelled. This pandemic and how each City is handling it is unprecedented and we are in the back seat just holding on trying to stay positive.

#3. Donate your registration to Happy Trails Running. We obviously could use the money to recover lost costs from this virus cancelling our events. Don’t let us guilt trip you because we know a lot of people are hurting financially right now due to the economy spraining an ankle. We just hope next year we are back bigger than ever and all of our runners return for some amazing trails!

If you choose option 2 or 3 and are on the waitlist you will need to accept an invite we send out and your card will be charged at that time.

Again just want to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I know many of you have been training hard, had travel plans, or just wanted to be able to run during these crazy times. I hope these options are acceptable and you remember us in the future. We want our races to be something runners look forward to every year. Thank you!

Why should I sign up for this race?

Beautiful course, food, good company, race photos, custom locally made finisher medal and awards, friendly competition, performance t-shirt, and swag. What more could you want? Really if you can think of something let us know and we will try to get it!

This Relay has 8 sections total with each averaging 3 miles. Teams will have 4 runners, each runner runs 2 sections. Each section varies from rolling, downhill, to climbing. It is up to the team to decide who runs the section!

The Marathon uses the same course making it a beautiful out and back that uses the best trails Corner Canyon has to offer.

Corner Canyon is a favorite to many runners along the Wasatch Front. A vast network of beautiful trails truly make Corner Canyon unique. This same network of trails is what will make this race a great relay. We wanted everybody to be able to experience all that Corner Canyon has to offer and we feel this is the way to do it. This relay uses almost every trail Corner Canyon has to offer, our personal favorites are the all new foot traffic only trails, Casper and Phantom! This race will always be held the Saturday before Labor Day weekend.


Section 1
3.9 miles +253 ft/-91 ft elevation
The relay starts off with a lap around Wheadon Farm Park and then climbs up to the Porter Rockwell Trail. This is the longest section with a steep climb at the start and then a couple rollers after that.

Section 2
3.3 miles +1,182 ft/-0 ft elevation
The hardest section of them all. Beautiful section that will make the climbing go by fast.

Section 3
2.8 miles +53 ft/-486 ft elevation
This is a scenic section with great vistas that follows Annes Trail the entire time before dropping into Little Valley. This is also the easiest section of them all.

Section 4
3.2 miles +832 ft/-89 ft elevation
A moderate climb up Annes and eventually breaking off up to Maple Hollow. Like the previous section this section offers great views and vistas.

Section 5
3.2 miles +89 ft/-832 ft elevation
Great downhill running section. This is where the fun begins and the miles start to fly by.

Section 6
2.8 miles +486 ft/-53 ft elevation
This section has rolling climbs but nothing steep and is also a short section making this pretty easy.

Section 7
3.3 miles +0 ft/-1,182 ft elevation
The best section of them all. All downhill and beautiful.

Section 8
3.6 miles +87 ft/-232 ft elevation
The last section is mostly flat on paved trail. Grind out these last few miles to reach the finish!

26.2 miles and +2,970 ft elevation total
80% Dirt Trail, 16% Paved, 4% Dirt Road

Remember you can have your team run in any order. For example a runner could do section 1 and then 3. A runner could even do 3 or more sections if somebody on the team was hurt or just not feeling good. It is up to the team to decide who would do best on what sections. We recommend each runner runs 2 sections and that each runner have a break between sections but ultimately it is the teams choice!

*There will be Trail Marshals at several intersection to keep you from getting lost or cutting. (We need volunteers for this!)

Aid Stations
Aid Station #1 & 7 - Andy Ballard Arena, 8 minutes from Wheadon Farm Park. The aid station will be down the paved trail about 50 feet.

Aid Station #2 & 6- Peakview Trailhead - 13 minutes from Andy Ballard Arena. This trailhead will be undergoing major construction through Spring. We will update when finished.

Aid Station #3 & 5 - Little Valley Trailhead, 5 minutes from Peakview Trailhead. It is a well maintained dirt road leading to trailhead.

Aid Station #4 - Maple Hollow Trailhead Park, 6 minutes from Little Valley Trailhead


August 29th 2020 starts and finishes at Wheadon Farm Park Draper UT 84020

Marathon & Relay will start 6:30 am

Course Closes at 2:00 pm
Maple Hollow Trailhead Park Cutoff (Mile 13.2) - 11:00 am

Packet Pickup

Friday pickup 4 pm to 7 pm at the Draper Salt Lake Running Store.
Race day pickup starts at 5:00 am.

We recommend all runners arrive at least 45 minutes before their races start time to ensure a stress free and smooth start. Pre-race announcement 10 minutes before each start time.

Runners will receive a high quality race shirt and a custom locally made finishers medal along with goods from sponsors.

Post Race Breakfast
Great Harvest Bread will have cinnamon rolls, muffins, and pumpkin chocolate chip bread! We will also have chocolate milk, orange juice, and bananas.

Overall male, female, and coed team for the Relay will receive a plaque for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Salt Lake Running Company will provide 1st place teams with gift cards as well!

Male team has to be all males
Female team has to be all females
*Coed team has to have at least 1 male and 1 female

Overall male and female for the Marathon will receive a plaque for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Salt Lake Running Company will provide 1st place with gift cards as well!

Age Division medals will also be handed out for the Marathon to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female in these age groups: >20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

Free Photos
Xotio Media will be on the course taking photos as well as the finish line. Photos will be hosted on their website providing easy access for downloads using bib recognition. We will NOT put a logo or watermark on your picture. Instead of ruining your picture with our logo we would rather rely on you telling your friends and family about our races!

Finish Line​
Awards ceremony will be held when we have our winners. Revive Sport & Spine will be there to help with your aches and pains post race, Dr. Reheisse is amazing! We will also have a Photo backdrop for pictures with friends and family as well as Cornhole, our favorite game!
Free parking, there is lots of parking at Wheadon Farm Park.

Word of mouth
Your friends and family are the best way to promote this race. Running is much more fun with a buddy!

These events are not possible without help! To show our appreciation all volunteers will receive a free race entry for any future Happy Trails race. Expires after one year. In addition volunteers will have access to food at the finish line area.​

Late Registration
Begins August 10th and closes August 28th at 9:59 pm

​We cannot guarantee all participants registering after August 10th will be able to order a shirt. We will order extra to do our best to accommodate late registration. If we do not have your size or you do not want a shirt you can use code NOSHIRT for $10 off registration.

Same Day Registration
Not available. Registration will close Friday night at 9:59 pm

Average high is 86*F and average low is 64*F on August 29th

Race Director - Don Hantla

Relay FAQ

Who can I have on my team
Maximum of 4 people per team. Any Gender. Have to be 10 years or older. You don't have to have 4 but you cannot have more than 4. Having less than 4 just means more running per team member and puts your team at a disadvantage. Your choice, we obviously recommend teams of 4.

How does it work
Runner 1 starts the race off while runners 2, 3, and 4 drive to the next aid station. When runner 1 arrives at the aid station he or she tags the next runner and they begin the next section of the course. Runner 1 joins the remaining runners and return to their parked car and drive to the next aid station. Rinse repeat.

We will have an aid station worker ensuring runners are only leaving the aid station when they have been tagged by their team mate.

How much running am I signing up for?
The race has 8 sections so a 4 man team means each runner will run 2 sections to maximize efficiency. Each section is approximately 3 miles so you will be running a total of 6 miles.

Dropping off and Parking
You are allowed to drop your next runner off and then go park but you CANNOT sit and idle while you wait for your runner. Doing so will be grounds for your teams disqualification. You have to go park after dropping your runner off.

Each section is long enough for you to have time to pick up your runner and drive to the next aid station. Just have google maps ready to go with the next aid station. Aid stations are 5-10 minutes apart.

Local time: 11:41 AM


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