Saturday, Jun 13, 2020

Desolation Duo

North Cascades National Park, WA 40 Miler, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 13, 2020


The Desolation Duo serves up two days of mountain running in the heart of the North Cascades National Park. We only take 22 runners, and divide our group in half, with each team tackling a respective summit each day of the trip.

Course Overview

Thursday, Day 1: Meet at Colonial Creek Campground

Runners are welcome to arrive at Colonial Creek anytime after 4pm. Aspire will host an evening meal and review the route, logistics, and gear choices as runners make final preparations for the run.

Friday, Day 2: RUN

After a hearty breakfast, Aspire will shuttle runner teams to their respective trail heads:

Desolation, 26 Miles, 7,000′ of Elevation Gain.

Desolation Peak, is accessed via boat taxi to the trailhead, the start of a 4,500’ climb up to the iconic lookout, where runners are rewarded with expansive views of craggy peaks, snowy glaciers, and Ross Lake. From the summit it’s all downhill and rolling lakeside trail to Highway and a shuttle back to base-camp.

Ruby Mountain, 18 Miles, 7,700′ of Elevation Gain.

Ruby Mountain, sits at the south end of Ross Lake, we shuttle our runners to the Panther Creek drainage where a well established trail brings runners to the Forth of July Pass, At the pass a climbers trail heads north above the tree line to the summit. It’s a big day, with 7,700′ of climbing, but so worth the views. Post summit the route returns to the pass and descends the Thunder Creek drainage, running right into camp.

Aspire will serve up their signature fare: appetizers, drinks, and a delicious evening meal.

Saturday, Day 3: RUN

After breakfast, running teams swap routes and are shuttled out for another day in the hills.

Post runs, food and beverages will be waiting. Finish times will vary widly on this trip. We plan to spend Saturday night at basecamp. Runners are welcome to leave or stay and celebrate. We will break camp and depart for home Sunday mid-morning.

Sunday, Day 4: Breakfast and Depart


Running Gear: Each runner should come equipped with a personal running pack/vest, hydration system, water filtration, and personal snacks. Aspire has a selection of bars, gels, electrolytes etc. available, but we also encourage folks to bring foods that they are accustomed to for long runs. Running clothing should consist of a layering system that includes a wind/waterproof jacket and an insulative layer. Each runner is required to carry a headlamp and emergency blanket. All runners are encouraged carry a water filtration system and a personal first aid kit to respond to blisters, chafing, and minor ailments. 

Drop Bag: A bag of post-run clothing is essential. This bag should include an insulative jacket preferably down or synthetic, a wind/water resistant outer layer, dry clothing, and dry shoes.

Camping Gear: This course includes camping. Required equipment includes: a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and camp clothing suitable for a seasonally appropriate mountain weather. Personal camping equipment is available for rent with registration. Aspire will provide a group shelter, heaters, a phone/watch/camera charging station, hot showers, and lively camp amenities.

About Aspire

Aspire organizes single and multi-day running adventures in backcountry and wilderness terrain. We pair logistical and emergency support with delicious meals for a unique and memorable running experience. More info about our project is available at:

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