Saturday, Jan 30, 2021
This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 30, 2021


Runners ready?? Start your watch and climb aboard the airplane for the ride up to 13,500 feet where you will leap out of a moving plane to begin your run. The 120mph, 2 mile (approx 10k feet) free-fall will last 50 seconds before you pull the parachute on your tandem skydive and quietly and calmly float (3,000 feet) back down to the safety of earth. Upon landing you will immediately climb out of your parachute and begin running to complete the world's first ever "Skydiving Ultra"!

We can pretty much assure that you will get a PR for your fastest mile and we can guarantee no other race has a steeper first couple of miles. The course is a single 7.25-"ish" mile loop around the airport providing access to your drop bags every each loop as well as another aid station at the halfway point. There is NO shade at all (bring a hat and sunscreen). The surfaces are a mix of dirt and grass roads and take you through local sugar cane fields, along canals and offer plenty of opportunity to mingle with Florida wildlife!

The specific logistics of getting a large group of people in the air and into a race such as this is very challenging. Start times and specifics might change slightly. Camping, bathrooms and showers will be available on site. We will also be able to offer a "skydive only" option with a discounted rate to friends or family that might want to come and jump and not run. We will have games and activities for the kids and non-runners as well. It's set on a contained grassy lot with no traffic so you can bring the family, some lawn chairs and spectate the landing zone and runners. Makes for a perfect day...

Is there any incline to this race at all?
** Just the first 14,000 feet :-)

What is the expected weather that time of year?
** Last year's video is on our website. You will note that most of us Floridians started with long sleeves and a light sweater (that means 45-55 degrees for us sissies).

What is the closest major airport to the race?
** Ft Lauderdale is your best bet about 1.5 hours away .
** West Palm is similar.
** Miami is about 2.5 hours
** Tampa is about 2.5 hours away.
** Ft Myers is about 2 hours away.

WEATHER ISSUES --- It's our goal to have everyone start the race with a skydive. If that's not possible due to weather conditions, it is our intention to provide everyone an opportunity to jump at some point during the day/event (weather allowing). As such, if the weather is bad in the beginning of the day and clears up during the middle of the event, we will off you the option of stepping off the course for a quick jump (the race timer will stop when you leave the course and restart when you re-enter the course). I spoke to the skydive place and, in the event of a complete washout with no opportunity to jump all day, they will be willing to give refunds to people from other states that are forced to leave town and head home (bringing and showing your airline ticket and driver license would be a good idea). Local Floridians will receive a rain check that is good for six months. See more skydive FAQ’s at:

Event's current local time: 8:33 PM ET


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