Sunday, Apr 5, 2020 @ 11:55 PM
This Event Took Place Sun. Apr 5, 2020

Race Details

Since its inception, Wild Side Running has been a staple for runners in SW Georgia. You probably know the store from getting advice for the best kind of running shoe for you gait, offering the latest shoe technology, running advice, and for a friendly store owner. What you may not realize is the store owner, Chris Phillips, has helped with numerous races and numerous charities over the years. He consults with people holding events and often opens his store early for the dozens of events throughout the year. He offers weekly social runs, staying late to provide a family-friendly venue. He has spent time assisting coaching local cross-country runners and you can see his face light up when he sees them grow and succeed either in running or in life. Some of you also remember after the all-too common storms Albany has experienced, Chris has organized clean-up events for strangers throughout Albany.

Everyone is obviously hurting right now. Many small businesses are suffering. One of those is our running store, who is temporarily closed but has seen decreases in shoppers. While I wish we could help everyone, I think I can safely say there are very few runners and race directors that haven’t been touched by Chris’ kindness and support over the years.

100% of the money will go to our local running store, Wild Side Running. 100%. Wild Side makes our community stronger. Now it is a time we can give back.

Race Rules

Race rules: Your 5K must be completed between 3/28 and 4/5. Results need to be emailed to with a screenshot of the course you completed, either on Strava or other app (several free options out there), or a screenshot of a running watch or treadmill. Results will be posted on Ultrasignup upon completion of the runs.

Finisher medals

We are working on finisher medals, but want to get the race started ASAP. As you know, many businesses deemed non-critical are non-operational right now. As soon as medals can be manufactured and delivered, we will make them available either as pickup at Wild Side Running store in Albany, GA or they will be mailed. To help save shipping costs, please pick them up locally if possible.

Albany Strong

Albany has been through a lot, with multiple tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and now this. In spite of everything, this is one more way we can show how we are Albany Strong.

T Shirts

As with the medals, T-shirt production is on hold until further notice. Local artist Madye Carter designed the awesome logo and to show support for Wild Side Running, we wanted to make shirts available. We will place an order based on the total number of shirt orders only and will make shirts available as soon as they are able to be printed. Those living locally, we ask that you pick them up at Wild Side Running store. We will mail shirts to those living outside of the Albany area.

Local time: 10:42 PM


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