Sunday, May 10, 2020 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. May 10, 2020

Virtual 5K to Benefit the Jeffrey Price Family

On March 22, 2020, Jeffrey Price passed on to a much better place after a long and courageous battle with Glioblastoma, a very aggressive brain cancer. His wife Melissa took many months off work to take care of him in his last days. They were both very active athletes in the Jackson, TN community and proud members of Run It Fast.

This is a virtual 5K to raise money for Melissa and her family in the wake of Jeffrey's passing. Random medical bills show up and expenses pile up in the aftermath of a tragic loss. 100% of the money raised from this virtual 5K, in memory of Jeffrey, will go to Melissa and her family.

No medals. No shirts. Simply 100% of entry fees go to the Price family.

What is a virtual 5K? It's running/walking/hiking 3.1 miles wherever you are in this world. You can complete this 5K distance over the course of the May 9-10 weekend. We ask that you use GPS/Garmin/Strava/etc to track the distance so that we can verify it was completed. Although it's virtual, we want to do our best to insure as legitimate results as we can. Then we will have you email a link and/or screenshot to where we can tally the results. We will then the following day, Monday, post the results here on Ultrasignup.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us and ask. We hope as many as possible can join us to help this wonderful family.

Race Instructions & Info. GPS Recording/Submitting Your Result

THE RACE: It's a virtual 5K this weekend (May 9-10) competing against people from all over the globe. You run where you are located in the world, outdoors for a distance of 5K while recording the data/distance on GPS watch or phone. You will then submit it to us when you are finished, and we will compile the results Sunday night to publish on Monday.

THE COURSE:  You make your own course and run it anytime you want to this weekend, wherever you want to lay it out. Make it fast, make it trail, make it road, make it downhill, make it uphill, make it with friends, or anyway you want it as long as it's the correct distance.

DISTANCE: 5K which is 3.1068 miles for us Americans. 3.10 miles+ will work for this. Don't make it short. It will really mess with the results when we try to compile them. You can run, Run It Fast, walk, crawl or take as long as you want as long as you cover 5K (3.10 miles).

RECORDING YOUR 5K/PROOF/SUBMISSION: We are requiring GPS data to prove you ran the distance and to help make sure our results are as fair and accurate for everyone in the race. DO NOT CHEAT. Once you are done, screenshot and/or email us the link to your results so we can tally them all.

Remember: your result time is your ELAPSED Time NOT moving time.

All screenshots and links should be emailed to You can run as many 5K's as you want this weekend and submit the fastest one you so desire. However, once you submit your 5K data/result to us then that is it. The one you email to us will be your completed entry of the race.

GPS Run Tracking/Options

If you don't have a GPS watch, you can still use a free smartphone free app to track your run/walk. Some of the better ones are Strava, Map My Run, RunKeeper. etc. All available on iOS or Android app stores for smart phones. They are FREE. If you need one for the race, download it, play with it a bit before you start your 5K.

RESULTS: The goal is to have the official results published on Monday after we have been finalized and verified the data as best as we can. The results will be posted on Ultrasignup. I will email them to everyone who ran the race as well. In that email, I will try to break the results down into age groups as well.

We want you to be listed in the official results, so be sure to use the GPS tracking via your running GPS watch or one of the running GPS apps listed above. And don't forget to email it to us by 11:59pm Sunday night (central time).

We are blessed to have multiple Badwater 135 veterans running with us as well as superstar ultrarunning legends Michael Wardian, 4x Vol State 500K winner Greg Armstrong, and Ronnie Delzer. We are pumped to have NASCAR racing greats Ty Dillon, who drives the #13 Geico car, and Casey Mears. They are joined by several others from NASCAR including crew chiefs and several that work on numerous NASCAR teams. A big thank you to our good friend Doug Barnette for working hard behind the scenes to bring many into the fold to help in this cause to benefit Melissa and her family.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us and ask. We hope as many as possible can join us to help this wonderful family that has given so much to the endurance community in my hometown of Jackson, TN.

Again, there are still spots for friends and family to join in the fun, as I am leaving registration open until noon on Saturday (after the window to start recording 5K's for the race has started).

Local time: 5:58 AM


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