Why compete in the Benfered

So you claim to have been the first person to have run around your hometown with your underwear filled with pizza flavored Combos? Want to brag about the time you cycled 17.6 miles with a rare albino ferret on your shoulder? Or how about the time you broke the record for longest time looking for one's keys in a kitchen (3.271 hrs) only to discover that they were still in your damn hand? We all want to hear about your REAL and amazing feats of endurance so prove it!

Now is your chance to share the rarefied air typically reserved for the most likely full of sh-t Ultra Endurance Athletes who claim to have pulled off some highly skeptical feats. Running 135 miles through incredibly harsh environments with no sleep? Swimming for 2 MILES without the aid of swimmies? Cycling across entire states or even countries?? Puh-leeze. Do you think we're that gullible? This event is for REAL endurance athletes accomplishing REAL feats of endurance.

How to compete in the Benfered

Once you register for the Benfered, you'll get an email asking for your Facebook name so we can send you an invitation to the top secret private Benfered Facebook Group. There you will submit descriptions and supporting BS pictures of as many questionable endurance feats of yours as you like - but please, nothing dangerous, illegal or heinously immoral. Once you post your evidence on the Benfered FB page, all of us are free to weigh in on the plausibility of your claim or not. using some basic believability criteria.... .

1. Honesty.....just kidding!! You're all just a bunch of liars anyway.
2. Creativity/Originality
3. Audacity
4. Lunacy
5. Any relation to anyone really famous or super rich.
And yes, you need to register here on Ultrasignup and have access to Facebook to participate so get some kid to hook ya up if you are too cool to be on FB but you want to compete in the Benfered. If you have grand kids and truly love them, maybe they can help.

How much is it and What ya get

Registration is $18.34. That's slightly less than 2 Six Packs of a marginal Craft IPA or an Econo/Generic Jumbo bottle of Ibuprofen.

All participants will receive an Official Benfered T-Shirt and custom Benfered metal...uh medal.

More importantly, with just one Laughing Emoji posted next to your submission, you will have joined the ranks of countless liars and hucksters who have claimed to accomplished a feat that is most certainly impossible, reeking of impropriety and highly suspect.

Charitable giving

Some tiny portion of your registration fee will be donated to one of three organizations that we have chosen to benefit from this event. They are:

1. The Flat Earth Society
2. Marathon Investigation.com
3. The RD's Weedwacker String Fund