July 3 - December 31, 2020
This Event Took Place Thu. Dec 31, 2020


11/7/20: There are only 5 registrations left for Mt Vaca for 2020.
10/7/20: Mt Vaca is closed until further notice. We will try to keep you posted here.

Welcome to Bay Area 9 Peaks - Mt Vaca

This is part of the Bay Area 9 Peaks Challenge. Mt Vaca is one of the nine peaks we are offering in the challenge. This is in both Napa and Solano Counties. It is the highest peak in Solano County.
If you want to complete all 9 Peaks, save some money, and earn the "Bay Area 9 Peaks" BOCO Trucker Hat like in the photo above, then we recommend signing up for the entire Bay Area 9 Peaks Challenge by clicking here.

Event Details

Benefiting: YMCA of San Francisco - Bay View Primed & Prepped.
Primed & Prepped provides youth of color ages 14 to 24 with the support to breakdown employment barriers and enhance leadership skills. This program focuses on hospitality management and culinary arts to grow into an internship and job.

Event Duration: Until the end of 2020 to get to the top. Complete any day you choose.

Opening Date July 3rd, 2020

Closing Date December 31, 2020

July 2, 2020 / $19.90
July 16, 2020 / $24.90
There are no refunds, roll-overs, transfers, or race credits for this event.

Award Hand Made Standing Wooden Award from Elevation Culture to be mailed out within 30 days of registration.

Course There are multiple courses to choose from. This event is for all. Inclusion means anyone can get to the top..
1. Your own course (Home, Neighborhood, or Nearby Park)
2. Suggested 6.3 mile course (2,546 feet of elevation Gain) and you can park your car at Pleasant Valley Road and Gates Canyon Road. 3. There is a 14 mile loop via you can see below if you would like more of a challenge.

Park Info The info about a "prescriptive easement" needs to be corrected. The road across the top of Mt. Vaca is Blue Ridge Road (County RD. 354) Between Mix Canyon Rd. and Gates Canyon Rd. According to the county surveyors office, the road is not maintained by the county, it is maintained by the land owners on Mt. Vaca. But, there is a public easement on this road making it county road 354. The county surveyor stated the "no trespassing" signs are unenforceable because of this easement which was recorded in 1894. The property on either side of the road is private however, so those signs are enforceable.
This is Summit Post a local hiking resource..

Park Map map_AllTrailsMap.pdf.

Park Hours
There are no park hours. However, for you in the interest of personal and public safety, please go between sunrise and sunset.

- Always make sure you carry water. There is no running water and it will get hot during summer months.
- Mount Vaca, is not part of a park system. It is a local hiking and trail running resource. There are signs all over the place saying “private property “and No Trespassing”. But according to Gary Suttle's "California County Summits", the public has a “prescriptive easement” to the road. This means you can walk over it, in spite of the signs saying you can’t. Just try and stay out of the fenced off areas..
- Please keep in mind that the above mentioned course suggestions are one way and you need to be mindful of the return trip that fits you.

What is a virtual event?

This is a virtual event. Meaning, you can run, hike, walk, roll, skip, jump and hop to the top... or whichever way you choose. Another option to complete this event, is by doing all the above on a treadmill in your house, around your neighborhood block, or nearby park. In this time of COVID-19, we understand that about 20% of our participants will choose the local route around their house. Most of you will choose to drive to the park, and we ask you follow state and local guidelines regarding PPE, Social Distancing, and Essential Travel. You have until December 31, 2020 to complete your trek to the top.

This event is part of the Pacific Coast Trail Runs "Bay Area 9 Peaks Challenge " - an event going on simultaneously. If you would like to do all "Bay Area 9 Peaks", then we recommend signing up for that to save money (see link at the top of page) and see some of the most desired peaks to get to the top and be rewarded with some of the most expansive 360 degree views in Northern California.

Scoring Virtual Events: You will enter your data manually. If you choose not to enter your data, then this is fine with us. While this is not a race, we will try to have some sort of integrity in that we ask for you to take a photo of your watch, your app, or a selfie. This is not a race. This is your journey to the mountain top.

Finisher Award: In order to operate efficiently while not worrying about a leader board, we will automatically send you your award within 30 days of registration.This means some of you will received your award before you get to the top. We are not going to worry about whether you get there or not in 90 days. We know that some of you will be sick, some of you will get hurt, and some of you wont go for COVID-19 reasons. Bottom line, have fun!

About Pacific Coast Trail Runs

We are a trail running (hiking too) event production company. We live and breathe a trail lifestyle. Whether camping, adventuring or exploring by foot, bike, and occasionally by horse, this is what we do. The COVID-19 Pandemic has crushed our business and we wanted to do something different to help our business, small businesses in our communities, all while continuing to challenge our trail community to get out and adventure.

Thank you for your support and we hope that you will try our events when we get back to producing events in the "new normal".

Race Director, Greg Lanctot, is on the Advisory Board for the American Trail Running Association. He is also a co-founder of the Race Director Alliance: founded for the creation of trail racing guidelines in the Covid-19 era. Lanctot is also President/RD emeritus for the Quicksilver Running Club and host for the Duncan Canyon Aid Station at Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

C0-RD's: Jennifer Lopez-Lanctot, Felicia Baeza, Katherine "KK" Fisher, Michael Li, Todd Glieden, and Sean Finegan.
Trail Operations: Harrison Blackwood
Safety & Logistics: Emily Bard
Post Race Nutrition: Chef Yaku & DOPE Chef Society
Director of Aid Stations: David P. Thomas
Volunteer Coordinator: Eileen Francisco
Timing and Swag: Aaron & Carrie Tilney
Web Guru: Cameron Slugget

Local time: 9:25 AM


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