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We are working on a better date to better serve the community! Stay tuned...

Cancelled Event


What is “Loopty-Loop”?

The Afton Loopty-Loop is a 1.02 mile trail course, that has its fair share of hills! It’s the type of course that will challenge even the most prepared of runners. Runners will have multiple timed distances to run. You can choose from 2,4, or 6 hour times loops. You run as many loops as you want in the time you pick.


We have 2 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour options. You run/walk/crawl as many loops as you can in your time limit. All loops must be started before your time limit. (2 hour time limit, last loop started at or before 1:59 to count. No loops started after hour options will count)


We are planning to continue the new “covid race plan” for all of our races. This means that there will be rolling starts. We will give you a window to start, and you take your time and start when you are ready! No large starting groups, waves or anything.


We will have the ultra style aid stations. Typical ultra style food, with basic amenities.


With a rolling start style race, results will be posted when race is completed.


We will have shirts for purchase at additional cost.

Finisher medals

There will be finisher medals! Each finisher will receive a medal.


This looped course can be completed by the beginner, but will be challenging to the most seasoned runner.


While the topo map only shows about a 70 ft ascent/descent, it will definitely test your quads, stamina, and abilities. Approx 1.02 mile loop that is mainly run on a single track trail. You will run on the side of a dirt road, both downhill slightly to help recover.

Age limit

2 hour ages 4-104
4 hour ages 14-114
6 hour ages 18-118


What distances do you offer?
We don't! We offer times. You can run a 2 hour race, 4 hour race, or a 6 hour race. Its totally up to you how far you run!

What time do we start?
You will register for the 1 hour timeframe in which you would like to start. If you register for the 7am start, you can start anytime between 7-8am. If you chose the 10am start, you can start anytime between 10-11am, and so on.

Aid stations:
There will be 1! its a 1.05 mile course, so we will see you quite often.

Is this walker friendly?
Any race that we put on will be a walker friendly race! We want everybody to have the chance to enjoy the racing atmosphere, so go out and have fun!

Even though we are in the woods, we still run the risk of seeing cars and ORVs. There will be ample signage throughout the course, but you can't just assume that people can read. If you see a dirt bike flying down the trail, jump in the lake and you will be fine! Just kidding...But you must remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings for your safety!

1.05 miles(approx) of dirt paths. The majority of the trails will be a hard packed surface, but you will encounter some soft sand. And depending on how much rain that week, maybe a little mud. But it will be fun!

Drop bags:
We will have a spot near the start/finish line for you to place your bags if needed. Also, if you need a rest during the day, feel free to bring a blanket and stretch out by the river.

We are planning this all out, but the variety will be much of the same which you find at any ultra race. Except burgers, I like burgers and hotdogs, so we will be having those for sure. Some soup, pop, water, chips, pickles, sandwiches, and more...

We will have music, and a bonfire. The fire will be going all day as will the music.

Obviously, there will be trash, but we as trail runners know the impact trash has on the environment. We ask that you DO NOT throw your trash out while running. We will have a trash receptacle near the start/finish line, so please make sure you get it in the can!

Most of all, have fun! Don't overdo it and don't push your bodies to the brink of disaster! Its not that serious, seriously. We want to have fun and live vicariously though each individual runner. Its tough to live vicariously through a runner in the hospital, so just enjoy yourself!

Post race:
We will be having fun post race! Bonfire and more, so please feel free to stick around for a while.