May 1 - July 4, 2021
This Event Took Place Sun. Jul 4, 2021

The Orange Patch

Our first patch was introduced last year and it was a Green version! In 2020, we were all faced with the Quarantine and with the challenge of running without our group runs and races!

For 2021, we are offering the opportunity to earn another patch! Add the orange patch to your collection or begin your collection this year! 100 miles, 2 months!

Keep track of your miles and let us know when you complete your 100!

Want an extra challenge? How many miles can you complete on the Orange Trail? Track your orange trail miles and let us know if you are the orange trail patch legend!

Rules of Engagement

To earn your bad-ass NPTR patch, you must:

1. Run 100 cumulative miles of trail in North Park anytime between May 1 and July 4.
2. Have fun while keeping a safe social distance from other runners; follow state and local guidelines.

Note: for easy access to North Park Trails, check out the Where We Run link on our website:

I want my patch!

Once you've completed your 100 miles, you have three options.

Option 1: Patiently wait to get your patch from one of our board members at any scheduled group run.

Option 2: Pick up your patch on July 4th at our annual NPTR Birthday Celebration!

Option 3: Kindly ask us to mail your patch. Please note: we rely on 100% volunteers. Your patience is appreciated.

Why are we hosting this event?

Why are we hosting this event?

We are aiming to:

1. Provide an activity that is safe, healthy, and motivating for our runners. You can run your miles solo, with a group, or while running at one of our group runs.

2. Encourage running through North Park trails!

3. Help the less fortunate in our community by donating all proceeds to Inspired Hearts and Hands, which will be used to fund supplies, gift cards and more for meal baskets.

About North Park Trail Runners

North Park Trail Runners, Inc. is a non profit, 501(c)(3) volunteer-based organization dedicated to the healthful, social and competitive aspects of trail running. We consider the greater Pittsburgh area to be our home base. With over 400 members, we are a fast-growing organization with a strong commitment to inclusivity, group runs, and free events. Membership is free. Join now at

Local time: 4:14 AM


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