Saturday, Aug 7, 2021
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 7, 2021


The 2020 Sheep Mountain Endurance Runs is ON AS SCHEDULED! We look forward to welcoming everyone back to running in the mountains together!

Registration will remain open through the schedule as indicated on our website. You must register by June 29th to guarantee yourself a shirt, otherwise we WILL accept race day registrations. See you there!

The Human Potential Running Series Presents: The Sheep Mountain Endurance Runs

“To Overcome The Mountain We Must Overcome Ourselves”

Make no mistake, the elevation profile for The Sheep Mountain 50 mile and 50k are docile looking. However, the average elevation of over 10,500’ and copious amounts of aggressive terrain, will see you waddle away from this race in shock. Come ready my friends, this mountain throws everything it has at runners, challenging you from start to finish. We run amongst these “beautifully difficult” mountains and hills lining the western slope of the South Park Valley. This is the race where you carry #Adversity on your back, if you can handle the burden, you can win the day! Runners looking for a wilderness experience, stunning views, opportunities for technical terrain mixed with remote forest service roads… will fall in love with this course. (It’s more of a love-hate relationship, really).The third series of races we host in Fairplay, The Sheep Mountain 50 mile and 50k promise to provide runners with an unforgettable experience that celebrates the history, and rough and tumble nature of this mountain region.

NEW IN 2018! We’ve added a 50k option to this weekend of high mountain running. Join us for a challenging 50k in the thin mountain air of Fairplay. Run 32.25 miles of some of the more challenging miles of the 50 mile course.

BE ADVISED: This race has been described as “Beautifully Difficult.” While the course meanders through some amazing country with stunning views of the Mosquito Range and surrounding 14er peaks, it is tough. The course features a terrain type for every runner, and a fair amount of what some would consider “unrunable stretches.” The average elevation for the course (10,662′) is bested only by the San Juan Solstice 50 in Lake City. Some of the aid stations are in remote locations that are difficult for even our volunteers to get to. While many runners have joined us for their first 50-mile here (and succeeded), it is only recommended for the truly stubborn and determined. Middle-of-the-pack typically finishes between 13 and 15 hours. You have been advised, save the whining.

Local time: 1:38 PM

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