Saturday, Apr 23, 2022 @ 7:00 AM
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The Bastrop Ultra Marathon is the inaugural American event from the Pegasus Ultra Running team. Forged in the hills of Wales, UK in 2018, Pegasus has quickly become a top ultra organization. We are excited to bring its spirit and camaraderie to the trails across the US.

Pegasus Ultra Running creates safe environments for athletes to challenge themselves and push the limits of the human body, all with a smile on the face.

The Bastrop Ultra Marathon 2022 - Event Overview

The challenge, if you choose to except, is a 32 mile ultra experience through Bastrop's historic McKinney Roughs Nature Park. This scenic ultra will test your mind and body, all the while showcasing the beauty of Central Texas. Located just 14 miles from the Austin airport, The BUM will give athletes the chance to push their limits in a safe setting with like-minded individuals. We'd love to host you this up-coming Presidents' Day... if you're ready!

The Bastrop Ultra Marathon is a 32 Mile adventure run through the McKinney Roughs Nature Trails. The run will start and finish at the park headquarters, near Riverside Trail Head.
There will be multiple aid stations, multiple checkpoint areas, field marshals and volunteers blanketing the course throughout.

Date/Time: 07:00am Saturday, April 23, 2022 - 12:00pm Sunday, April 24, 2022

Start: McKinney Roughs Nature Park @ Riverside Trail-Head

Finish: McKinney Roughs Nature Park @ Riverside Trail-Head

Distance: 32 Miles

Number of Participants: 50 - 200

Course Information and Description

The run will start right outside of the park HQ @ Riverside Trail-Head. The entirety of the run will take place inside McKinney Roughs Nature Park, along the trail system and on designated park roads. The route will be clearly marked with luminescent signage, manned with volunteers, and Race Directors throughout the trails.

This is a loop course and athletes will go no longer than six miles without an aid station/checkpoint. Aid Station information can be found on our site and will be handed out to the participants with their Race Day Packet. Pegasus will also cater to those participants that require any specific dietary needs/medication along the course. We also require every athlete to have their own hydration reservoir/bottle at all times.

McKinney Roughs Nature Park -

McKinney Roughs Park Map -

General Knowledge on Day of Procedures

First Aid & Safety

Ambulance will be on-sitet for the entirety of the event. Volunteers will have contact information for the ambulance, as well as first aid kits distributed throughout the course. Any participant that requires prescribed medication can leave it with a designated volunteer if needed. All participants will check-in at each aid station and checkpoint along the course. A Race Director will follow behind the group, making sure all participants; are accounted for, have checked-in, and are in sound health.

Health & Safety Briefing

There will be a Safety Briefing the morning of The Bastrop Ultra Marathon. The Race Director will go over all safety precautions, course information, aid station and checkpoint information, compulsory kit check, and a q&a.

Transportation / Bag Drop

McKinney Roughs Nature Park has parking for all attendants. Participants will be in-charge of their own arrival and departure. The Start/Finish area will have plenty of room for all participants to house belongings for the entirety of the event, this includes drop bags and tents.


There will be FREE parking provided by McKinney Roughs Nature Park, and will be clearly marked. All athletes will be met and directed to their spot prior to the events start.

Start/Finish Facilities

Registration, bag drop, toilets, parking, shelter, food and drink, event expo, FREE parking and entertainment will all be centrally located by McKinney Roughs Nature Park HQ. Race Directors will also be located in this area in case of emergency or other reasons for contact.

Compulsory Kit

Each Participant is required to carry with them the items listed below. The Compulsory Kit will be checked prior to the start.

• Water Carrier (1L or more)
• Mobile Phone
• Compass
• Head Lamp or Light Source
• Back-Up Light Source
• Route Map and Instructions
• Whistle
• Waterproof Jacket & Bottoms w/ Sealed Seems
• Warm Hat & Gloves
• Base Layer
• Emergency Food Source
• Foil Blanket Trail Shoes
• First Aid Kit
• Backpack or Carrier

Staff Information


All volunteers will be given prompt notice of where they will be manned during the event. These positions may change/end throughout the day when notified by a Race Director or Course Marshal. Contact lists will be made available for all staff to hold onto, including details for Ambulance and first aid. Staff will all be equipped with working phones and text chains for easy access.

Course Marshals

Will be made up of a well experienced team of event coordinators, with the addition of volunteers at checkpoints.

Race Director

Our Race Director will be the main point of contact for any major issues or enquiries. They will have their phone in-hand, and a complete list of all participants. The RD will be mobile for the start of the event and then will be welcoming all participants home at the culmination of their event.

Local time: 2:12 PM
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