February 11 - 13, 2023
This Event Took Place Mon. Feb 13, 2023


Run in the footsteps of actual OUTLAWS!! The Outlaw course is located in the Robbers Cave State Park near Wilburton, Oklahoma. Robbers Cave State Park (established in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps) is associated with OUTLAW names like Jesse James, Belle Star, and the Youngers. The Park consists of 8,246 acres of scenic views with bluffs overlooking three large lakes, rock formations, and caves to be “enjoyed” as you navigate the mainly single track, forested, technical terrain with an abundance of rocks and roots.

Outlaw Trail Series

Complete all 6 trail runs in the Outlaw Trail Series (Outlaw, Lake McMurtry, Greater Roadrunner Trail Run, Flower Moon, Dark and Dirty, and Thunderbird) in the calendar year 2023 and receive a cool plaque to recognize your achievement. Distance is not a factor (in other words, you can run the 5K or the 135mile). Virtual options do exist that allow runners to complete the series even if they are unable to attend an event in person. An Oklahoma-shaped plaque with hooks looks great as a display for awesome medals.

Outlaw 135

There has been increased interest in the longer distances, especially the 200 mile races. This is a nice intermediate to test yourself and develop strategies for those longer runs. The Outlaw 135 mile course is made up of the 100 mile course with the bonus of the 7 mile loop an additional 5 times. This allows runners to be monitored more closely by the start/finish aid station late in the race and concentrate volunteers. Same Saturday morning start time the 100 mile run with a 48 hour cutoff (see cutoffs in section below). We do allow drop downs to still get a 100 mile buckle or longest distance completed as in all our runs (but not qualify for place). The 135 mile has about 21,000 feet of gain.

Outlaw 100

The Outlaw 100 course consists of a large 13 mile southern loop and a smaller 7 mile northern loop. Together, these loops comprise a unique 20 mile segment that must be completed 5 times. It includes two awesome aid stations manned by experienced Ultra-runners alternating with water stops. The 100 mile course has about 15,000 feet of gain and is over 95% single track. In terms of difficulty, which is subjective, this race might be characterized as intermediate/difficult. The course has very technical terrain with a lot of rocks and moderate gain (but is at an altitude of about 1,000 feet). It is not a rails-to-trails or gravel road thus the lengthy (albeit) generous cutoffs. As in all long courses, water crossings (defined as you MUST get your feet wet) are possible depending on rainfall prior to the race (especially at 1.25 miles and 9 miles). In the event of significant rainfall, course variations are preplanned and possible. Please see the course maps in the pictures above or at our website (gpx files also available) at www.Outlaw100.com.

50 Mile, Marathon, and Half Marathon

The half marathon is a 13.1 mile loop. The marathon consists of two loops and the 50 mile consists of four loops (thus the 50 mile is about 52ish miles). Cutoffs for the 50 mile, marathon, and half marathon (all races aside from 135 and 100 miles) are 10Pm Sunday night. This gives 39.5 hours for the 50 mile and 14 hours for the Sunday half and full marathons.
Please see the course maps in the pictures above or at our website (gpx files also available) at www.Outlaw100.com.


The most scenic 5K in Oklahoma!! The 5K course will encircle the main cave and provide plenty of adventure in a shorter distance. Please see the course maps in the pictures above or at our website (gpx files also available) at www.Outlaw100.com.

Run it Saturday or Sunday or do the virtual.

Doublers will receive an Outlaw special item. You must complete a distance of a half marathon or more on one day and at least the 5k on the other. One run must be in-person.

Virtual 5K

Unable to attend and still want to participate? Virtual options do exist that allow runners to obtain a coveted medal or complete the series even if they are unable to attend an event in person. We realize that other life obligations come up.

Cutoff for 135 and 100 and Aid Stations

6am start
48 hour cut off

Aid Stations: Mileage

1st unmanned water/snack station: 2.25 miles

2nd unmanned water/snack station: 3.5 miles

Shorty’s Brothel: 7 miles (bathrooms)

3rd unmanned water/snack station: 8.75 miles

4th unmanned water/snack station: 11.25 miles

Start/Finish: 13 miles

5th unmanned water/snack station: 16 miles

Start/Finish: 20 miles (bathrooms)

100 mile cut off times

Start 5th loop: 36 hours

135 cut off times

Start last 35 miles: 40 hours
Final cutoff: 48 hours

Schedule of Events

Friday Packet Pickup at Campground 2 from 5- 8pm

Packet Pickup from 5-7am. Please don’t wait until the last minute.
6am 135, 100 mile start
6:30am 50 mile start
7am Marathon, Half Marathon start
7:30am 5K start

6am Packet pickup

8am Marathon, Half Marathon start
8:30am 5K start
6PM 100 mile 5th loop cutoff at s/f
10PM all races except 100 and 135 cutoffs

6am Final cutoff for 135 and 100 mile races

Pacer/Crew/Drop Bags

100 and 135 mile runners may have a pacer after 50 miles or when it starts to get dark. 50 mile runners may have a pacer when it starts to get dark if necessary. Crew and drop bags are allowed at Shorty's Brothel and the start/finish. Please label drop bags with name, race number, distance, and desired location. There will be tarps at the start/finish for drop bags. Bags will be taken to Shorty’s Brothel at 5:30am on race day. It is each runner’s responsibility to pick up their drop bags. Any drop bags remaining will be disposed of or donated.


Mile 90 will be making the runners look good and capturing spectacular images for you to share. These are free with your registration. Please visit their website www.mile90.com for previous Outlaw pictures!!


Military Discount
If you are currently active duty Military or a Veteran, we'd like to give our thanks by extending a 10% discount for your entry fee. Please message us at Outlaw 100 for the coupon code.

Child Discount (in person only)
Outlaw events are meant to be amongst family and friends. As such, any parent entry will entitle one child (15 yo and under) to a free entry of same or lesser distance. We understand that registering all the kids gets expensive so here is a chance for the kids to get a great medal and T-shirt and to be active and healthy as a family. Please message us at Outlaw 100 for the coupon code.

Volunteer Benefits
Along with a T-shirt and the normal fun of volunteering, we would like to do more. It takes a community to put on quality races, but volunteers also need to be appreciated. The program will be as follows: Shifts are in 8 hour increments and you must sign up. If you volunteer for one shift at any of our races you will get 25% off registration for any of our future races. Distance is not a factor. So 4 shifts will be a free race.

Deferal / Transfer Credit (to a different race)

If you can no longer run the event you registered for, we offer the below-sliding scale prior to the originally schedule race date for receiving credit to a different Outlaw event. We do not offer refunds, deferrals, or transfers - only future race credit. The credit will only be useable by the original registered participant and only for Outlaw events. Unless otherwise stated, credits will be valid for two years from the original event date. Credit will be the amount paid minus taxes and fees. Transfers are a one-time opportunity. You cannot re-transfer a previously transferred race. Once credits have been issued, they are gone. This includes any credits used from volunteering, race credits, previous credits, or credits transferred. The submission date will be used to calculate the credit amount.

90-days out (or more): 100% credit

30-89 days out: 75% credit

Less than 30 days: No credit


There are summer camp style bunkhouses available at only $10/night in ultrasignup under store. There will be male, female, coed, and family cabins. Please bring your own sleeping bags, sheets, pillows, etc. Some of the cabins are heated and we will bring heaters but it is not the Hilton ($10). The restrooms and showers are group facilities. Robbers Cave Cabins and the Belle Star hotel are available only a couple miles away and fill up fast on race weekend. Wilburton has local hotels and McAlester is the closest larger town. The Tulsa International Airport is the closest airport.

The start/finish and bunk houses are at Campground 2 on the north end of Robbers Cave Road just off Highway 2. There is some parking at the campground but overflow will be at Redbud Campground 1/8 mile below campground 2 and along Robbers Cave Road. Please do not park in areas with caution tape or directly in front of the start/finish line cabin (reserved for race personnel).

Trail Workdays

Please visit our website or Facebook event page for information on trail workdays.


Medical Risks
Each runner is responsible or their own actions. It is crucial that you are physically and mentally prepared for the stresses of the race. We will utilize the local EMS services in case of a medical emergency. It is important for the runner to recognize the potential physical and mental stresses that may evolve from participation in this race. Each participant must continuously monitor his/herself and understand their limitations. Remember that you are responsible for your own well-being during this race.

Race Rules For Runners
1 Absolutely no littering!
2. You may not stash supplies along the course.
3. Any runner dropping out shall immediately notify the nearest aid station or race management at the start/finish area.
4. Runners accepting a ride for any reason are deemed out of the race and may not re-enter.
5. All runners will abide by the directions of race management.
6. Violations of any rule will be grounds for disqualification. Race Management reserves the right to bar any runner from competing in this and any future Outlaw races.
7. In the case of a tie, runners will be placed alphabetically.
8. All animals must be leashed at all times.
9. Decisions of Race Management are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trekking poles allowed?

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, all dogs must be on a leash.

Do I have to run?
No, in fact many people walk or hike the entire race no matter the distance. You do not have to be fast to participate.

Please visit our website for further details www.outlaw100.com or contact us at Outlaw 100 on messenger. Also check out our facebook page Outlaw 100 for race updates and please “like” our page.



Runners starting a race but not finishing the intended distance will be listed as a DNF at the bottom of the results for their registered distance. Runners may not be “dropped down” to a shorter distance once they start a race, and will not appear as finishers of the shorter distance. This ensures a fair event where runners know their competition and cannot be lowered in place by a runner dropping down in distance. Runners may switch distances before the start of their race and will be eligible as a finisher in that event

DNF: Runners starting a race but not finishing the intended distance, in the intended order as marked, and under the official cutoffs,will be listed as a DNF at the bottom of the results for their registered distance.

DQ: Runners must complete the course in its intended order, as marked by race officials. Any deviation from or cutting of the course may result in a timing penalty or even disqualification. Additionally, runners who are found to be excessively rude to race personnel, volunteers, or others may also be considered for disqualification. We believe in fostering a respectful and supportive race environment, and these rules are in place to uphold that.

Dropdowns: Runners may not be “dropped down” to a shorter distance once they have started a race and will not appear as finishers of the shorter distance. Runners may switch distances before the start of their race and will be eligible as a finisher in the updated race distance.

Event's current local time: 2:00 AM CT


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