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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Orcas Island 50 Miler, Marathon and Trail Festival

Orcas Island, WA 50 Miler, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

Single Bunk Lodging
Friday Night - $25
Saturday Night - $25
The lodging is rustic and bunk style. There are varying numbers of bunks in each cabin from 6-14. We will do our best to bunk you with your friends and family. If you do want to share with friends and family, your best bet is to reserve more than one bunk or reserve an entire cabin. Please let us know when you register how many (and who) you want to bunk with if you are not reserving a bunk for them. If you are reserving more than one bunk per night, we don't need to know their names. The bunks come with a mattress but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag/pillow or blanket and sheets. Outlets to charge electronic devices are available in bunks and the main lodge. No dogs allowed in cabins. There are bathrooms and showers either in or close by each cabin. No kitchens or fridges in cabins.
Technical T-Shirt with Orcas Island logo
Men's XXL - $30
Men's XL - $30
Men's Large - $30
Men's Medium - $30
Men's Small - $30
Women's XL - $30
Women's Large - $30
Women's Medium - $30
Women's Small - $30
Women's XS - $30
Gender specific technical fabric (for athletics) with Orcas Island trail races logo on front and Destination Trail logo on the back.
Cotton T-Shirt w/Destination Trail logo
Cotton Men's XXL - $35
Cotton Men's XL - $35
Cotton Men's Large - $35
Cotton Men's Medium - $35
Cotton Men's Small - $35
Cotton Women's XL - $35
Cotton Women's Large - $35
Cotton Women's Medium - $35
Cotton Women's Small - $35
Cotton Women's XS - $35
Gender Specific sizing. Great t-shirt to wear anywhere! Soft, cotton blend. Destination Trail logo on front. "Trail Racing Team" on the back. Soft, fitted cotton blend. You new fav t-shirt.
Destination Trail Hoody
XXL - $55
XL - $55
Large - $55
Medium - $55
Small - $55
A thick pull over hoody with Destination Trail logo on the front and "Trail Running Events for the Adventurous" on the back. Hoody will be either dark green, black, or navy blue. Unisex sizing.