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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Jemez Mountain

Los Alamos, NM 50 Miler, 50K, 15 Miler

Donation to Scholarship Funds
$25 Donation - $25
$50 Donation - $50
$75 Donation - $75
$100 Donation - $100
JMTR maintains the Wally Walters Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Aaron S. Goldman Memorial Scholarship Fund which provide the opportunity for local runners to pursue college education. These Scholarships operate under a nonprofit organization and are tax deductible. If you financially able, please consider making a donation to these scholarships. JMTR strives to provide a quality race at a reasonable cost. These donations allow us to impact the local community without charging excessive entry fees. If you work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, we encourage you to make your donation through the LANL Giving program so that the scholarships can receive matching funds. Select the "High Altitude Athletics AP Goldman Scholarship" option in the LANL Giving site. The LANL Giving program does not provide donors names, so please let us know you have donated by sending an email to JemezRuns@gmail.com. Please let us know if you have interest in participating in a 3 year challenge donation. More information can be found on the JMTR blog: https://www.jemezmountaintrailruns.org/single-post/aaron-goldman-and-wally-walters-scholarships