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Saturday, Dec 11, 2021

Colossal-Vail 50/50

Vail, AZ 50 Miler, 55K, 13 Miler

Arizona Trail Sock (wool)
Small (Women's 6-8) - $14
Medium (Women's 8.5-10.5 & Men's 7-9) - $14
Large (Women's 11-12 & Men's 9.5-11.5) - $14
X-Large (Men's 12+) - $14
These Wooleator high top socks from DeFeet are made for runners who prefer Merino wool to other materials. Wool stays cool in heat, warm in cold, and is among the most non-odorous textiles on Earth. If you have never owned a pair of performance wool socks, you don’t know what you are missing! Socks are comfortable, sport the traditional Arizona Trail logo, and are constructed from 64% Merino wool/28% Nylon/8% Elastic. Design on the cuff is the traditional Arizona Trail logo, with Mexico –> and Utah –> on each foot. Woolies are probably the most comfortable, versatile and durable socks you will ever own.
Arm Sleeves
XS, S, M, L, XL - $15
These AZT arm sleeves feature topographic map graphics and the Arizona Trail logo. Protect yourself from the sun and thorny plants with these high-quality synthetic sleeves that are popular among runners, mountain bikers and hikers alike. Arm sleeves help regulate body temperature, accelerate muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness/swelling and help improve circulation. The stretchy, soft material wicks moisture away to keep you dry, comfortable and ultimately, happy (and performing at your very best!). It works great in any environment. Wear as a shield against the cold and layer up! In summer, stay dry as perspiration is wicked away. They’re a great alternative to slathering on sunscreen.
HydraPak SpeedCup
SpeedCup - $3
We're going "cupless" at aid stations so all runners are encouraged to bring their own bottle or reusable cup for drinking Tailwind, soda, and other beverages. We offer the HydraPak SpeedCup at cost, which is flexible, collapsible and features the Arizona Trail logo. 200 ml