Saturday, Oct 3, 2020 @ 6:00 AM

Tommyknocker 12-Hour & The Mine Shaft Half

Golden, CO 1/2 Marathon, 12H Relay, 12hrs

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

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Waitlist Applicants

19 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
112hrs   Kevin Dorian Louisville, CO61.9 %
212hrs   April Garland Superior, CO70.6 %
312hrs   Kristy Dittman Northglenn, CO70.8 %
412hrs   Vanessa Wolfe Conifer, CO62.0 %
512hrs   Matthew Schultz Denver, CO67.4 %
612hrs   Charlie Lord Colorado Springs, CO47.9 %
71/2 Marathon   Jamin Aragon Castle Pines, CO 
812hrs   Pascal Merz Boulder, CO57.5 %
912hrs   Bart Paull Golden, CO72.8 %
1012hrs   Joseph Chaudhari Russellville, AR40.2 %
1112hrs   Joseph Comsti lakewood, CO54.2 %
121/2 Marathon   Joseph Vajdic Colorado Springs, CO 
131/2 Marathon   Cheryl Glinka Littleton, CO71.7 %
141/2 Marathon   Kurt Heinrich Littleton, CO70.9 %
1512hrs   Stephanie Przybyla Stockton, CA63.7 %
1612hrs   Kalyca Zarich Longmont, CO79.0 %
171/2 Marathon photo Janadel Harris Denver, CO73.3 %
181/2 Marathon   Walter Bird Monticello, UT62.1 %
1912hrs   Keenan Haga Louisville, CO52.9 %