Creemore 100 Mile Challenge 100m
Creemore, ON
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  1. Phil
    Phil Stapert  - October 31, 1:01 PM
    Is anyone planning to camp at the start/finish? I'm interested in camping if others are.
    1. Pierre Marcoux  - November 11, 5:18 PM
      Hi Phil. I don't think many are planning on camping Friday night, but you are welcome. Please note it can be 5F at night in Creemore in early December, so bring winter camping gear. There are some spots to crash, after completing the race. In 2010 it seemed to work well, with people rotating through the couches and beds!
  2. Ken
    Ken Niemimaa  - October 2, 9:44 AM
  3. Ken
    Ken Niemimaa  - September 26, 4:48 PM
    What's a forum for? Is there an entrants list?
    1. Dale Draaistra  - September 28, 7:28 PM
      100 miler in creemore in december? only crazy people would sign up,I'm in
    2. Ronald Irwin  - October 1, 10:41 AM
      Me too!