Indiana Trail 100 50m, 100m
Albion, IN
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  1. Steve
    Steve Fredrickson  - February 9, 7:56 PM
    Doing my first 100 at Indiana Trail - Seems like a favorable 100 for a "first timer." Anybody ever run the course loop? Thoughts and/or tips! Thanks.
    1. Mark Norfleet  - February 11, 11:48 PM
      It's a nice runnable trail and a good choice for a first 100! Not many hills and not too flat... There are also very few tripping hazards. My only real concern about the course is if it rains for several days before the race and it gets muddy... ;)
    2. Steve Fredrickson  - February 13, 9:17 PM
      Mark - Thanks for the response. The chance of rain over a 30 hour time slot is probably high in April too. We will see. I'm pumped about the race. take care
    3. Mark Norfleet  - February 13, 10:39 PM
      Rain = free sweat.
    4. Aj Arnett  - April 14, 3:52 PM
      Looks like the course is going to be muddy. The hills will catch up with you on lap 4-6 good luck!
    5. Steve Fredrickson  - April 27, 7:33 AM
      What a race! I finally finished in 29:30. it definitely was a little muddy!
    6. Mark Norfleet  - April 27, 9:40 AM
      A little... My favorite was looking down through 5 inches of water to see the top of a course marking flag. That course is Soooo nice when its dry...