Noble Canyon 50K
Pine Valley, CA
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  1. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - September 28, 7:44 PM
    2013 race report now posted at the bottom of our home page: #NC50K
  2. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - September 22, 6:02 AM
    Neil Feerick sets a new course record if 3:54:18 in the 2013 Noble Canyon 50k!
    Jayme Baldwin wins it for the women in 5:05:25.

    CongRATulations to all Noble Canyon 50k participants and finishers. 193 starters and 188 finishers! Another high finishing rate (97%). Complete results will be posted in the next couple days. A huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this event happen!
  3. Michael
    Michael Huber  - September 20, 12:03 PM
    Q: If my family wants to come out to the finish later in the day, will I need an individual and a family waiver to get in at the PVBCC?
  4. Mike
    Mike Trask  - September 10, 10:39 AM
    Almost zero comments about this race and we have 10 days to go. Will be my first go of it(had to scratch with injury 4 days prior last year). Advice?
    1. Keith Kirby  - September 19, 4:00 PM
      Fuel smart, hydrate well and enjoy the journey. Have a safe race and see you at the finish line.
    2. Joe Brophy  - September 20, 9:17 AM
      Mike,<br />My advice is to start slower than you want, hydrate & eat at each aid and enjoy the process! Weather looks to be nice for tomorrow. Good luck and ill see ya out there.
  5. Joe
    Joe Brophy  - September 20, 9:16 AM
    Mike,<br />My advice is to start slower than you want, hydrate & eat at each aid and enjoy the process! Weather looks to be nice for tomorrow. Good luck and ill see ya out there.
  6. Thomas
    Thomas Keefer  - September 18, 6:40 PM
    I have entered the race and had a bad ankle injury training recently. I cant run it. I was wondering if anyone wants to buy my spot. I have registered a size L t-shirt.
    1. Brian Gonzales  - September 18, 7:01 PM
      Sorry bibs are non-transferable and registration closed on August 31
  7. Michael
    Michael Huber  - September 14, 9:09 PM
    Maybe I am missing it (most likely), but I think there is no mention of aid stations. Where will the aid stations be this year? Is it the areas that are highlighted on the map (Pine Creek Road, Big Tree, Pioneer Mail)?
    1. Brian Gonzales  - September 15, 10:45 PM
      Hey Michael- Look at the chart at the bottom of this page for the distances between aid.
      I look forward to seeing you again!
    2. Michael Huber  - September 18, 12:05 PM
      Thanks Brian! Didn't see this before.
  8. Sean
    Sean Stokes  - September 13, 2:25 PM
    If anyone wants to join me, I'm doing one last training run Saturday 09/14 at 6am, Lower Noble Canyon trailhead []. I plan on somewhere betw 13-20 miles depending on the weather.
  9. Michael
    Michael Huber  - September 5, 9:02 AM
    Q: Is the water spigot at Penny Pines working these days? Can I get water there?
    1. Christophe Sigel  - September 6, 6:51 AM
    2. Christophe Sigel  - September 6, 6:51 AM
  10. Michael
    Michael Huber  - August 27, 10:16 AM
    Sorry I missed the run last weekend. Anyone going out again this (9/1, 9/2) or the following weekend?

    1. Sean Stokes  - August 29, 8:08 AM
      FYI Everyone
      The Dirt Devils are doing another run from the same location this Sunday Sept 1st at 6am. Hope to see you there and anyone else who wants to join us. It will be UNSUPPORTED so plan accordingly!
    2. Heather Schafer  - August 29, 4:08 PM
      Is that the Pioneer mail parking lot?
    3. Sean Stokes  - August 29, 6:48 PM
      Yes, directions here []
  11. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - August 24, 9:54 PM
    Good to see everyone at today's training run. What a great day.
    1. Sean Stokes  - August 29, 8:08 AM
      Hi Brian, nice to meet you. Thanks for hosting an awesome training run.
  12. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - August 7, 9:31 PM
    TRAINING RUN: Saturday August 24. Leaving Pioneer Mail at 7AM and heading south. Water dropped at Big Tree. No need to RSVP.
    1. Sue Kopas  - August 8, 11:55 AM
      I won't be able to make it on the 24th. Would anyone be interested in running on Sunday, Aug 25th?
    2. Laura Dunn  - August 20, 9:55 AM
      How far is the training run and where are you guys going to turn around? Thanks!
  13. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - August 5, 8:35 AM
    We received course approval from the Forest Service. This year's course will be an out-and-back from the Bible Camp up to Big Tree then to Pioneer Mail via the Indian Creek Trail. Maps and complete details will be posted soon.
    1. Mike Trask  - August 7, 8:14 AM
      Yee haw.... elevation chart = UP A LOT, then down.
  14. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - July 31, 5:58 PM
    RETURNING TO OUR ROOTS: The 2013 running of the Noble Canyon 50k will start and finish at the Pine Valley Bible Center (Bible Camp). This year's course will be an out-and-back, going up then down Noble Canyon! Specific course details and maps will be posted once we receive additional clarification and approval from the US Forest Service.
  15. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - July 27, 5:53 PM
    This week we met with and received updates from the forest service. I also ran some trails to measure distances for the 2013 course reroute. We have good options and I'm very optimistic I will have a formal update soon.
  16. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - July 8, 3:10 PM
    Today (7/8/2013) we received some horrible news. It has been reported that the Chariot Fire, which has been burning on the east side of Sunrise Highway for a few days, has jumped the highway and has destroyed our beloved Al Bahr Shrine Camp. From what I understand the loss is total including the Lodge, Kitchen and all the trailers. No injuries have been reported. From what I understand the fire is still burning so the total effect to the course or other structures is unknown at this time.

    As you know Al Bahr was the scheduled Start/Finish venue for this year’s Noble Canyon 50k. Over the coming weeks we will post updates on the website regarding potential changes to the course and venue.

    Considering the volume of potential inquiries please hold off emailing me any inquiries for at least a couple weeks since I will not be able to get back to you.

    We will work closely with the US Forest Service to identify an alternate course and venue if needed and will do everything we can to put on a top quality 50k event on September 21, 2013.
    Our thoughts are with the good people from Al Bahr and others effected by this fire.
    1. Mike Trask  - July 8, 3:14 PM
    2. Arturo Marin  - July 8, 4:55 PM
      So sad to hear all these God bless
  17. Arturo
    Arturo Marin  - July 8, 4:49 PM
    brian, How sad to hear these news it seems like yesterday when I participated last year at least I feel happy for the memories I lived of Noble Canyon 50k
    Thx. And god bless the forest and the (pine) trees!!
    I hope the mountain recorvers and nature provides again

    God bless
  18. Mike
    Mike Trask  - July 8, 3:09 PM
    El Prado, Al Bashar close to burning.... Nooooo
  19. Nathan
    Nathan Simpson  - June 11, 2:15 PM
    FYI if anybody wants to get a good hill workout in for Nobel. On June 16 7am-7pm I will be doing as many repeats as I can and welcome anyone to give it a try
    At glider port trail the one that goes down to blacks beach. Swing by even if you only have time for a little. Will be a great challenge !
    1. Joseph Price  - June 11, 9:09 PM
      I work pretty close to there. Is it the trail just north of the glider port? If it is I have ran up that in the past. Nice little work out on my lunch breaks.
  20. Nathan
    Nathan Simpson  - June 11, 2:11 PM
  21. Marla
    Marla Hernandez  - June 4, 7:33 PM
    Brian, thank you so much for including the fee in the registration and for taking steps to correct the problem. You're a class act!
  22. Zachary
    Zachary Johnston  - June 3, 9:47 PM
    Brian, thanks for including the service fee in the reg fee. I hate the sneaky little fees. But, since I've already paid the money, any chance we I can donate the fee to a good cause..maybe one of the parks or Trail Fit?
  23. Brian
    Brian Gonzales  - May 25, 2:28 PM
    Registration opens June 1 at 8PM!
    1. Michael Huber  - June 1, 8:10 PM
      Phew - registered in good time :-) how long before sold out? I bet <2 days.
    2. Zachary Johnston  - June 1, 8:23 PM
      wife and I are in
    3. Mike Trask  - June 3, 7:38 AM
      Monday 7am, says 8 spots remaining!
    4. Heather Schafer  - June 3, 9:14 AM
      Just registered before 9am and I'm on the wait list.