Nanny Goat 12hrs, 24hrs, 100 Miler
Riverside, CA
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  1. Steve
    Steve Harvey  - May 2, 7:07 AM

    What time can we arrive on Friday? We would prefer you arrive after noon but understand travel itineraries may make that difficult. You can arrive early but we will not be able to interrupt ongoing preparations. And, if you show up early you may be put to work.

    Is it easy to park? The primary car parking is accessed from Grace Street but will fill early on Saturday morning. When full, cars will be redirected to an area adjacent to the asphalt section of the course. Both sites are less than .1 miles from the barn so parking on the street is unwelcome. RVs will be directed (follow the signs) to an area behind the barn.

    How are camp sites, RV slots, barn stalls allocated? Some stalls are preassigned, but all other sites are up for grabs. RV’s can head or back in (no parallel to the course parking), EZ-Ups, and tents can be erected right up to the course but tables can not protrude into the runners course.

    What time can we check in? Checkin will start at 6:00am on Saturday.

    What is the start time? 8:00am on Saturday. (Runners in the 2nd ‘night’ 12 will start at 8:00pm on Saturday.

    Do I need to provide lap counters? NOPE. Timing is being conducted by Negative Split Timing. You will be issued a chip during check in. Wear it on your wrist even if you don’t like to color. You will have to remove (and return) the chip immediately after your race…

    What if I want to change races? No worries… Results are calculated by the number of miles you run regardless of which event you registered in. If you stop at or before 8:00 pm, your results will be counted in the 12 hr category. If you continue beyond 8:00 pm (even if it’s for only one lap) you will be counted in the 24 hr results. If you have run at least 86 miles by 8:00 am Sunday, you will be permitted to continue to 100 miles or 28 hours (whichever occurs first).

    Will I receive a finisher’s medal if I drop early? YES there is no such thing as a DNF at the Nanny Goat.

    Are pacers allowed? Not really, but if one friend or family member wants to accompany you for a lap or two after dark we won’t object. If this is your first 100 and you want your family to run the last lap with you, be our guest…. BUT remember the other runners have priority and cede the course to them without having to be asked.

    What happens if I feed a horse? We amputate one body part for each occurrence!

    Showers? Yes – but you will probably take it in cold water… Bring your own towels please. Also: it is on a septic tank so don’t linger.

    What if I have specific dietary restrictions? We will have a variety of foods including vegan and gluten free – but not an unlimited menu. We do maintain separate grills for meat and vegetarian fair… but we also cook pancake and scrambled eggs on the veggie grill.

    What if I prefer an electrolyte other than HEED? Bring y