Mark Twain 100 50m, 100m
Berryman, MO
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  1. Katie
    Katie Baumann  - September 15, 9:40 AM
    My friends and I ran the Mark Twain 50 on Saturday and are still talking about how great it was. This was our first ultra, and needless to say, we were nervous but everyone we met was friendly and encouraging. Thanks to everyone for pushing us (the party crew)! See you next year at the 100!!
  2. Chris
    Chris Valenti  - September 3, 2:35 PM
    Hello...Can anyone recommend a family camp ground near
    Berryman? Looks like Berryman may be too small and "primitive" for my family. Thanks! Can't wait to run.
    1. Travis Liles  - September 3, 5:48 PM
      Sure thing. Camp down at the Huzzah River Valley where the pre-race is at. You can get camp sites with water and electricity
  3. Freddy
    Freddy Crane  - August 22, 6:12 AM
    Is the Mark Twain 100 on the 13 or 14?
    1. Travis Liles  - August 22, 10:05 AM
      It starts the 13th at 6am and runs through the 14th. There is a 32 hour time limit