La Luz Trail Run 9 Miler
Albuquerque, NM
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  1. Zachary
    Zachary Morrow  - August 4, 11:21 AM
    ETA on results being posted online?
    1. Rodger Sack  - August 4, 12:33 PM
      Glenda Muirhead was working on it yesterday and I would guess that she might have it done later today or tomorrow. Rodger
    2. Zachary Morrow  - August 4, 1:06 PM
      In the mean time:
      For anyone else looking :)
    3. Zachary Morrow  - August 4, 1:08 PM
      Thanks for a great race, ARR and Rodger! Perfect conditions to add 4,700 ft climbing to the log.
  2. Faith
    Faith Bolton  - July 7, 7:26 PM
    What is the "Packet Pick-UP: 8/2/14 from 11AM - 5PM at Heart & Sole (2817 San Mateo NE, ABQ)"? Is that necessary for runners to pickup before hand? <br />
  3. Zachary
    Zachary Morrow  - May 13, 8:26 AM
    How did we go from 403 entrants early this morning to 405 entrants (as of 9:25AM) with no change on the waitlist? I was assuming 3x must have been competitive/past winner entries, but now I'm just confused...
    1. Zachary Morrow  - May 13, 9:12 AM
      As of 10:11AM, showing now 407 entrants but still no change in waitlist. I really hate to be "that guy," but what gives??!
    2. Zachary Morrow  - May 13, 12:55 PM
      1:54pm, now showing 408 entrants AND 131 waitlisted (was previously 129). Order and members of the first 15 in waitlist have not changed.
    3. Zachary Morrow  - May 15, 4:43 AM
      Now up to 414 entrants and no change in waitlist (except that we've tacked on a few at the end to bring the total to 138).
    4. Mark Gilligan  - May 15, 5:50 PM
      Zachary. Those are the 30+ people whose credit card declined for one reason or another and are now finishing their registration.
    5. Zachary Morrow  - May 16, 9:22 AM
      So I've been informed by the race director.
      Rodger Sack emailed me saying that he had asked for 420 entrants to be selected in the original raffle instead of the advertised 400. With the waitlist in place, this seems an arbitrary and unnecessary step (unless you care to explain the logic behind this to me?).
  4. Olga
    Olga King  - May 11, 8:43 AM
    If there is no confirm email, does it mean I didn't get in? Are the lottery results going to be posted?
    1. Zachary Morrow  - May 12, 8:05 PM
      From the La Luz website as of 5/12: "We expect the finalized entrants list and wait list to be available this afternoon."
    2. Tina Mckinley  - May 12, 8:00 PM
      Where is the waiting list ?
    3. Mark Gilligan  - May 12, 9:22 PM
      The Waitlist is now available.
    4. Zachary Morrow  - May 13, 6:37 AM
      Thanks, Mark!

      For others who may/may not be too familiar with Ultra the little people icon in the lower left (below the race photo) will navigate to "Entrants," from which you can also see the Waitlist (another small icon appears to the right of the Entrants icon once you're on the registered entrants page)...

      Darn. #14 on waitlist isn't making travel planning/not planning easier. ;)
  5. Jonathan
    Jonathan Sensenig  - May 1, 7:53 AM
    technical rocky/ mostly firm footing? single track? chance to pass? shoe recommendation?
    1. Zachary Morrow  - May 5, 9:28 AM
      Hi, Jonathan! I've hiked 80% of the trail (on New Year's Day Slosh), up to the steepest portions that were still snow-covered at the time. Most was firm developed trail, without too many rocks. The trail was wide enough up to this point to pass in many places, with care. Probably medium-duty trail running shoes would be fine, but we really should have someone comment on the last 1-2 miles (looks steep and technical, and I cannot comment since we had to stop because of snow).
    2. Travis Crawley  - May 11, 9:33 PM
      Most of the trail is single track and hard packed. Not too technical. However, there is a rock slide section, probably around mile 6-7 (can someone verify, please?) where the footing can be slick and unstable. You are stepping on/over/between rocks that range from the size of softballs to rocks bigger than your torso. This still can be easily run with average strength trail shoes. I've used the Brooks Cascadias, and they work just fine. Hope that helps.