Stevens Creek Striders Trail Races Half Marathon, 30km, 50km
Los Altos Hills, CA
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  1. Kendra
    Kendra Hershey  - June 2, 4:29 PM
    This used to be my favorite 50K anywhere for 3 reasons:
    1. Entry fee of $20-$25, less than half the price of most races, including beautiful and practical trophies. The optional extra contribution was tax-deductible.
    2. 9 am start time - better than most local races, allowing almost a full night's sleep.
    3. Very beautiful course fairly close to home.

    It looks like 2 of these reasons are gone, and the race has fallen to merely average, instead of being the best. I might sign up anyway, for nostalgic reasons.
    1. Peter Hargreaves  - June 14, 7:28 AM
      Hi Kendra, This is Peter Hargreaves, race director for the Striders. We thank you for your comments. Regarding the start time we understand the attractions of a later than usual start when the race was in March some years to celebrate Steve's birthday. However in other years it moved to the fall and so the later stages of the race can be pretty hot especially for the slower runners. And with many of the entrants being local we think 8am is a good time. Not like the recent QS100k 3 and 4am start!

      Our aim is to match to last year the contributions to the Audubon society. So if we get 150 entrants some $12 per head will be contributed Once we know the amount we will publish the amount that can be deducted against tax.

      Hope to see you on the beautiful course!
    2. Kendra Hershey  - June 16, 7:16 PM
      Indeed, the 5am start time at the Miwok 100K meant no sleep at all. But they had permit restrictions to finish before dark - not an issue with a 50K. Most runners will be running in the midday heat no matter what the start time is.