Saturday, Aug 20, 2011

Mr. Toad's Back to School Relay

Hart Park Hills

Bakersfield, CA 15K, Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 20, 2011


Start looking for a team mate or two for this unique race! The race is basically three laps of the Mr. Toads 5k course. But instead of running down Toads, you will be running up it and then finish your leg running down the Pistol Range Hill. Then your team mate gets to hold your lead or make up the time you lost. For those without fast friends, you can do all three laps on your own.

This race will start at 8am at the bottom of the Sheriff's Pistol Range Hill.


A word of warning, this is a trail race and each lap is about three miles. If you want a fast flat 5k race, then this is not the race for you. If you are open minded and want to have fun, please join us!

The course goes up Toads, then connects to a Roller Coaster Ride of single track until it plummets down the Pistol Range Hill. At the bottom of the Pistol Range Hill is where the exchange zone will be.

  • Course Map Via Garmin HERE.
  • Photos of the Course HERE.
  • Course Walk Through HERE.

MC Peter Wonderly & Andy Noise

If you have been to a Bakersfield race, you probably know us. Peter is the one with the microphone and Andy is the one with the camera. Well now we have decided to put on our own race and this is our very first one. We hope to put on an event that is unique and enjoyable.

To make thinks more enjoyable, we are not having race day registration and are limiting the field to 150 entries. We hope this will make things less chaotic on race day and not make it a cattle call.

We are also only doing online registration on Ultra Signup, we know some may want to keep it old school with pen and paper but Ultra Signup makes it so easy. Plus there are no add on fees at the checkout and we know the registration information is correct because you inputted it. Ultra Signup also makes a profile page for you with your results that you can share with the world.


Divisions - Male & Female

There will be Awards for the Top Three in each Division.
  • High School
  • Junior High
  • Elementary School
  • Open
  • Masters - For Masters teams all members must be age 40 or over. 
  • Clydesdale (Combined weight of males is over 600 pounds)

  • Athena (Combined weight of females is over 450 pounds)

  • Open Solo
  • Masters Solo (over 40)
  • Clydesdale Solo (Over 200 pounds)
  • Athena Solo (Over 150 pounds)
All the teams in the weight divisions must weigh in before the race.

What do you receive?

  • A challenging trail style 5k course.
  • Being part of a team or racing against teams.
  • Awards to the Top Three in numerous divisions.
  • Peter Wonderly announcing the race.
  • Andy Noise shooting the race.
  • Bragging Rights for your team for a year.

Local time: 4:57 PM


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