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Saturday, Oct 8, 2011


Purcellville, VA 45 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 8, 2011


The Andiamo Run is a low-key event which spans the entire W&OD Railroad Regional Park -- a 45 mile generally flat, paved trail on an abandoned railroad bed. The trail is used by runners, walkers, skaters, bicyclists, horses, and people walking their dogs. For most of the way, there is a parallel equestrian trail (dirt), which runners are welcome to use.

The Andiamo is the brainchild of Dave Moruzzi, who nurtured it for five years before turning it over to the VHTRC. As Dave would remind you, andiamo means "let's go" in Italian.

The VHTRC will provide aid at the six mile point (Clark’s Gap) and eleven mile point (eastern Leesburg at Sycolin Road) and light refreshments at the finish. ALL OTHER AID WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RUNNER. There are ample water fountains and convenience stores along the route. (In the next week or two, we will verify current locations and post a list.) All finishers will receive a small Andiamo finisher's memento.

The run starts in Purcellville, which is about 10 miles west of Leesburg. The finish is in Shirlington near the intersection of I-395 and Glebe Road. We can provide transportation from the finish to the start, before the run, to those who enter before September 19. (This is also the date that the entry fee goes up by 50%.) We will neither help nor feel sorry for those looking for rides back to the start after the event. If you can provide a ride or need a ride, please contact Joe Malinowski. You must arrange rides in advance. If you drop out of the run before the finish, you will be responsible for your transportation. All runners should carry some cash to meet unforeseen transportation needs.

Local time: 4:58 PM


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