Saturday, Sep 10, 2011

Little Grand Canyon Marathon

Huntington, UT Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10K

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Event Details

This is the only Marathon and Half Marathon where you get to run through the Little Grand Canyon in Eastern Utah and see some of the most pristine scenery in the world. This area is also known as the San Rafael Swell or BuckHorn Wash. These towering Red Rocks are not only Majestic but they tell the Geological timetable as you run through the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous Era’s. There are actual dinosaur footprints on the side of the road and you run in front of one of the largest Native American Pictograph Panels in the State(The BuckHorn Panel).

Due to this exclusive location and the multiple Paleontological and Archeological vista’s, this is the only run of its kind. This is a limited run and is not for runners that enjoy running in large crowds and in great cities, this is for the scenic-runner that enjoys the tranquility and beauty of running in nature


The course begins at 5,650ft and only has about 235ft of climb in the first four miles. The remaining course is fairly flat with a slight decline until you hit the mouth of BuckHorn Wash (about 16 miles from the start). The remaining course descends about 547ft over the next 10 miles. This is a great decline because it doesn’t put unnecessary pain on your joints by being too steep.

Half Marathon

This is primarily a flat / downhill half-marathon with only gently rolling hills. The beginning of the run starts at an elevation of 5656ft. and descends to an elevation of 5100ft. so it will not put unnecessary strain on joints. There is only one access road through the canyon, but it is fairly compacted.