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Sunday, Nov 13, 2011

White Mesa FA

San Ysidro, NM 64K, 50K

This Event Took Place Sun. Nov 13, 2011


This is an unsupported, unmarked, free, fat ass style 50k trail fun run at the White Mesa bike trails near San Ysidro. It is about a 45 minute drive from ABQ.

White Mesa contains some of the most unusual and spectacular scenery in New Mexico. The course is absolutely crazy.


4 loops + 1 short out and back. Every trail intersection has a detailed map and location marker so it is very easy to navigate. Loops 1 and 3 are clockwise, loops 2 and 4 are counter clockwise. The map below shows the sequence of markers. Just follow the trail and you will be ok. Each loop, you will record you time on a clip board. You will have access to your car at the end of each loop. You can also do a shorter combination of loops for a marathon, half marathon, or other distance.

Local time: 7:17 PM


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