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Saturday, Mar 17, 2012

Hanging Rock Trail Race

Danbury, NC 12K

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 17, 2012


We will start this race on paved roads  for approximately a quater of a mile,  for spacing. From the visitors center parking area we catch the hanging rock trail into the forest. This trail is also paved and is wide enough to pass. The next trail is the Wolf Rock trail. The  Wolf Rock trail is where things begin to get interesting. Here we have a single track, narrowing in places with very little room to pass. On this trail  you will begin to see rocks and stones, a few at first and the progressing to more, and in some places the trail is all stones and rocks. At times running will become impossible due to the plaement of loose rocks and bolders, many are sharp and jagged.  As we make our way pass the family campground we will encounter man made stairs. This is where the elevation will start to increase significantly. There are stairs all the way to the summit of  Moore's Knob.  After you reach the top and catch your breath you are on the way down. This part of the trail is very tricky. Much like the Wolf Rock trail in that it has many rocks  and stones, but now add in many roots and a steep downward elevation. Please Be Carefull!   High rate of speed here is not advised. The trail has washed out areas, roots, rocks, and possibly even a downed tree limbs or two. Wet conditions will make this extremely hazardous.  You will need to stay alert !  There are a few wooded bridges of different lengths to run accross.  The finish will be back near the starting area.

Local time: 8:18 PM


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