Saturday, Sep 15, 2012

Yeti Trail Race

Atlanta, GA 15K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 15, 2012


A mile road start to let everyone find their place before turning into singletrack trail, there the race will cross a creek several times before reaching the start of The Horseshoe Trail. Once on The Horseshoe the trail is up and down tight singletrack for 3 miles then you make a creek crossing before heading up "The Wall" Once up the wall you will make a left on a old jeep road, you will continue on the jeep road until you reach "Top Of The World" you will catch a glimpse of the Atlanta sky line before descending a few power line hills then making a left onto The Yeti Express, you will follow this old ridge line and rapidly descend onto a trail that follows Sweetwater Creek downstream, once you reached the bottom trail its "on the way to grandmothers house " to the finish. THIS  SECTION IS WHERE THE RACE IS WON OR LOST ! Once at the finish grab your cup and chair and listen to the band play.

Local time: 12:34 AM


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