This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 27, 2012


This is 50 and 100 kilometers of tough trails and jeep roads taking place on Oahu's famous North Shore. Prepare for heat, humidity, steep elevation changes over 3 - 4 mile increments, and beautiful scenery!
Carrying a minimum of 60-72 Oz. of water/sports drink is mandatory.
If you sign up for the 100km run and drop at any time prior to reaching 100km you will receive a DNF (no 50km consolation finishes).
A link to your results must be provided at registration. Please have this link ready to cut/paste when you register!
100km registrants: Proof of finishing a prior trail ultra is required to register. For locals, this can be done by completing the 50km portion of the Peacock Ultramarathons, the H.U.R.T. 50km Triple Trek, or the H.U.R.T. 100. Although not considered ‘trail’ ultras, completion of the Tri-Lanai 3 Hills 50k, Hilo to Volcano 50k, or the H.U.R.T. Maunawili out & Back 22 miler (solo) will be accepted if you can prove you have enough trail knowledge to run the entire Peacock course without directional guidance (flagging, signs, etc.).
50km Oahu registrants: You will need to provide a link to prior trail running finishes. If you have none, you must prove that you have enough knowledge to run the entire Peacock course without directional guidance (flagging, signs, etc.). You can do this by running with an experienced group and documenting the names of those with whom you ran.
50KM for non-Oahu residents: You will be required to provide a link to documentation that you have finished a trail run no shorter than 15 miles.


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Runners Booklet

This booklet is a living document.  If it doesn't answer all of your questions, send an e-mail and we'll get it in there.  If you can't access the link below, send and e-mail and we'll send you a Word document.

2014 Peacock 100KM Runners Manual.

2014 Peacock 50KM Runners Manual.


Here's a list of race reports, blog posts, videos, and pictures.  If you want to add to this list, please e-mail a link to Rob


Peacock "Long" Loop. This is the entire 50km course and the 2nd loop of the 100km course.

Peacock "Short" Loop. This is the 1st loop of the 100km course.

More maps:

Loop 1 (Follow Red, then Blue)
Loop 2 (Follow Brown, Red, Blue)

Larger maps of loop 1 and loop 2

Local time: 8:58 AM


Rob Lahoe
Race Director
Larry Inouye

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