Sunday, Sep 23, 2012
This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 23, 2012


Due to the predicted weather on the weekend of October 15-16 I have been forced to make a difficult decision and postpone the race to October 23rd. Runner safety is paramount and I didn't want to take any chances given the risk of injury amid wet limbs mixed with the projected high winds. I realize this will not meet everyone's needs, but it's the best I could do without cancelling the event altogether. If you were registered for the event but are no longer able to attend, rest assured your donation is going to a good cause and I hope you will return next year. Thank you for supporting the Friends of Mt. Tabor Park.



The Friends of Mt. Tabor Park 5K walk/run and 10K run is a fundraising event to benefit The Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP).  Scenic Mt. Tabor Park is located in Southeast Portland and has a well-designed forested trail system consisting of three trails -- the Red Trail, the Green Trail and the Blue Trail -- that circumnavigate Mt. Tabor.  The Red Trail is a 1-mile loop running counter-clockwise; the Green Trail is a 1.7-mile loop running clockwise; and the Blue Trail is a 3-mile loop that also runs counter-clockwise.

Both the 5k and 10K routes are hilly and challenging, and utilize a combination of paved roads and dirt trails: hence the term "Tar 'n Trail."  The 5K course will utilize the Blue Trail, while the 10K course will utilize all three trails.  Each trail is clearly marked, but on race day the route will have additional markings to ensure no one goes off course.  The Red Trail will be marked with red (or pink) ribbon and/or flagging, the Green Trail will be marked with green ribbon/flagging, and the Blue Trail will be marked with blue ribbon/flagging.  There will also be course monitors at all major intersections to assist with directions.  However, if you're running the 10K, it is up to you to know which loop you're on.  Just remember -- Red 1st, Green 2nd and Blue 3rd.

Local time: 4:00 PM


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