Sunday, Mar 3, 2013

Ultra Caballo Blanco Copper Canyon Ultra

Chihuahua, Mexico

Urique , MX 50 Miler, Guided Extended Hike

This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 3, 2013


Supporting the Raramuri and their Tradition of Running!
We understand at first sight that our registration price seems high for a 50 miler. However, the race is set up for the Raramuri to run free of charge and to receive up to $150 each in vales (vouchers) that can be redeemed for corn and food. These additional costs are covered with race entry and Norawas donations. - For your race entry, each of you is sponsoring 3 Raramuri to run!
Josue & Maria | Race RD's
**NOTA: Tenemos muy buenos descuentos de inscripcion disponibles para los residentes de México y de América Latina. Por favor, póngase en contacto con info(@) para más información

Included With Registration

-Pre-Race Gathering/Meal
-Cool Race Shirt
-Food, Electrolytes, Water, Snacks at Aid Stations
-Organized Hikes of Course the days before the Race
-Organized Cultural Activities before the Race
-Finisher's Medallion
-Medical & Logistical Support during event
-Cena antes del Evento
-Playera del Evento
-Alimentos, Electrolitos, Agua y Comida en los Puestos de Ayuda
-Caminatas organizadas de la ruta varios dias antes de la Carrera
-Organiza actividades culturales antes de la carrera
- Medallas para Finalistas
- Apoyo Logístico y Médico durante el evento

Cup-Free Statement

“I understand that this is a Cup-Free race and that no cups will be provided during the race. I will bring my own refillable beverage container if I want to consume the beverages provided at the aid stations.”
"Entiendo que esto es un evento VERDE (con conciencia ecológica) y que tazas NO se proporcionarán durante la carrera. Voy a llevar mi propio envase de bebida rellenable si quiero consumir las bebidas en los puestos de ayuda. "

Local time: 1:44 AM


Josue Stephens
Race Director
Maria Walton

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