Saturday, Aug 11, 2012

Angels Staircase

Carlton , WA 60km , 35km

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 11, 2012


The courses are located in the Okanogan National Forest in the Chelan Sawtooth Mountain Range which seperates Lake Chelan from the Methow and Twisp River Valleys. Carlton, Wa is the closest town but Twisp, Chelan and Pateros are the closest towns of any decent size(like big enough to have a grocery store).

The Golden Lakes Map by Amazing Maps shows the new courses in their entirety and the Prince Creek Map #115 made by Greentrails Maps shows both of the courses except the first and last 3 miles which are on FS Road 4340-200 starting from the Foggy Dew Camp and climbing about 1000ft to the Foggy Dew Trailhead.  I highly recommend that each runner carry one of these maps and the course description. 

This race is very remote and your decision to participate should take this into consideration, if something were to happen to you it would be hours before you would arrive at a hospital. That being said it is this isolation that makes this race feel like it takes place in wilderness and is one of the best parts of the race.  

Except the first and last three miles both courses are entirely on really fun single track--warning though I do think steep rocky trails can be just as fun as smooth gradual or flat trails and this race has it all. Some of the time you'll be in the trees but often, especially for the 60k you'll be up high and out in the open (so be ready for lots of sun or if we're unlucky with the weather be ready to be exposed to the elements).

Local time: 12:47 PM


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