This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 30, 2013


Stunning 68-mile ridge line romp across the full length of the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail, brought to you by the giddy-with-excitement Coyote Cohorts and their extended community of equally giddy volunteers.


Coyote Cohorts, the loose brains and competent muscle behind Coyote Two Moon, Coyote FourPlay, and Cajun Coyote, proudly announce the Coyote Backbone Trail Ultra, the only official ultra-running event covering the full length of the Backbone Trail in southern California's Santa Monica Mountains. Play dates are March 15th - 16th, 2014 (with some off-trail play time on the 13th & 14th).

A vision of local hikers and runners for over 50 years, this nearly completed 68-mile ridge line trail rewards intrepid (or is that foolhardy?) runners with gorgeous Pacific Ocean views along sage-scented single track. The point-to-point course starts at Will Rogers State Park and meanders up coast, collecting nearly 15,000 knee-knackering feet of elevation gain before finishing down the spectacularly scenic Ray Miller Trail.

All this fun is served up with the uniquely goofy Coyote Cohort hospitality: staggered start times, equitably distributed abuse, randomly distributed swag, normal and paranormal aid station fare, slightly touched but highly eager volunteers, and distinctly popular trail running apparel from our partner sponsor, Patagonia.

Note: this event is limited to 175 runners, and requires prior completion of at least one 50-mile or longer trail run. We'll use your UltraSignup history (or records) to confirm a good fit. When registering, you'll see "Pre-Registration" on first access; and on exit on a later screen, know that your credit card won't be billed until we do our work on this end around your fit with the event.

Local time: 4:59 AM


Chris Scott
Race Director

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