This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 2, 2012


Place: In front of the Main Entrance to the Staten Island Ferry in Battery Park. We will run North East towards to the Brooklyn Bridge on the east river. We will cut to first Avenue at around 34th Street untill we reach 59th Street. Then we will head back to the river until around 125th Street. We will cut through Harlem to till we reach the Harlem River Drive, follow the Greenway signs to the Hudson River path around the George Washington Bridge. Then we will run south on the west side bike path. We will pass the World Trade Center site on the way back to the finish at the Staten Island Ferry.

Distance 31-32

Finishing Times: We will collect the finishing times and post them on this website and send them to Ultrarunner magazine. Runners will get credit for Marathon Maniac stars.

Post Race: We will find a bar or restuarant near the finish to commemorate the run. Suggestions Welcome.

Local time: 6:57 AM


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