Friday, Mar 22, 2013

Antelope Island Buffalo Run

Antelope Island State Park

Syracuse , UT 25km , 50km , 50m , 100m

This Event Took Place Fri. Mar 22, 2013


This year there will be four different races. All of the races will be held on the same day except for the 100 mile. That race will start on Friday at noon. So, your choices are 25K, 50K, 50-mile, or the big one, 100-mile. The park management is still extremely impressed with how the race turns out, due in no small part to the conduct of all you runners while on the trail. In fact, they want more runners out there for the race. Thank you!


All of the courses will remain the same for 2011. No changes at all.
The 25K and 50K will follow the same format as always, one or two trips around White Rock and Split Rock trails. All you 50K runners make sure you turn around at the White Rock aid station at the trailhead at the fence. Do Not go down the dirt road at all and don’t cut it short.

The 50 mile course will be the same as the 2010 race. The 50 mile course will take runners out the same trail as the 25K and 50K runners. So, here's a course narrative. Go from the start out to the White Rock trailhead. Follow the trail out to the Elephant Head aid station. Stop there, get drinks, food, drop bag stuff etc. Right at the Elephant Head aid station is the "Elephant Head" trail. 50 mile runners must run this trail. It is a short out and back (3.6 miles total). You have the option of doing it before going out to run the Split Rock loop or as you're coming back from the Split Rock loop. Either way you gotta do it. To verify that you've done it, there will be a plastic container with a roll of stickers in it at the turnaround. Take a sticker and put it on your race number. If you don't have a sticker on your number when you finish, then we don't know if you ran it or not. BTW, while you're out there, enjoy the views to the west of the island, they are breathtaking. Anyway, go back to the Elephant Head aid station, do your thing there, then run the Split Rock trail if you haven't done it yet, then finish up the White Rock trail (this is all so confusing!). Once you get back to the trailhead, turn right and follow the dirt road going east down to Mountain View trail. Say hi to the cool aid station people along the way. Once at the trail, turn left and go one mile to the trailhead then turn around head south to the ranch (11.4 miles). Along the way, say hi to the wonderful aid station folks at the Lower Frary Peak parking lot. When you get to the ranch you can pick up your pacer, more drop bag stuff, and something to eat.. Then head north to the Mountain View trailhead. Say hi to the folks at Lower Frary again. Once you get to the fence, turn left and head back up the hillside. DO NOT go out to the trailhead. Grab something to eat and drink from the aid station up the hill. Keep going along the fence. As you top the hill you'll see a dirt road that veers off to the right. Take this road. Follow it to the paved road that goes to the park office, then continue north about 200 yards to the T intersection. Turn left and go up the paved road about 100 yards to a trail that goes off to the right. Follow this trail to the Bridger Bay aid station at campsite #18. Get your eats and drinks and get ready for the final four miles. Follow the campground road for about 200 yards to the Lakeside trailhead (campsite #8) and then follow the trail around the north end of the island and back to the start/finish. There you go, you done finished 50 miles.

Local time: 1:46 PM


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